Witcher 2 PC Not A “Playground” For Console

360 Magazine: “Thanks to PC players we know how to create a game in a better way now.”

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Dailynch4521d ago

I should hope so, too. After all that player feed back and stats from the PC version, the Xbox game should be close to blooming perfect!

beastlysensation4521d ago

naw son, keep dreaming. We get enhanced edition as well, but for us, its double the power cause of our power capabilities, massive graphics, better controls, the better platform. Period.

IRetrouk4521d ago

But it is the same game, same experience, ok so you get better graphics with a pc, that's about where the advantage ends, better controls?, not everyone like a keyboard and mouse, and some games are just better with a controller

Winter47th4521d ago

And double the pirated downloads.

Pjuice4514d ago (Edited 4514d ago )

@winter thats the great thing about pc you can sell way less copies and still profit unlike console and since games can sell in smaller amounts and still make profits pc games can be made for core audiences and devs don't have to worry about losing money as much like on console which is why they try to sell games to everyone that owns a console and you can't really make a complex in depth game like that it has to be watered down so everyone can finish it or play it which is why most pc gamers say pc platform is hardcore and console is for casual gamers and then console gamers just say your a pc elitist cause they have no clue about pc or why there saying it in the first place i guess you had to be around when games were made first for pc also or you never would get it.


CDPR Dev Says Half Of Cyberpunk Sequel's Quest Team Is Made Up Of Modders

CDPR developer Pawel Sasko has praised modders, claiming that many of them are working with the studio to develop the Cyberpunk sequel.

Terry_B6d ago

Thats an interesting choice for the talent. Lets see how it works out for them

Andrew3366d ago

Those same modders worked on 2077 and the expansion. Worked out well in the long run.

Terry_B5d ago

Heh, I see....

still have to play that game actually ^^

Michiel19896d ago

I really like that a lot, valve did it a lot in the past and it worked out great for them, however that will not stop the execs from still demanding overtime, cutting corners or whatever else that plagued cyberpunk. I feel like this is just virtue signaling. and until I see their next release come out in a much, MUCH better state I don't really care what they say. They lied before to their audience and investors so any word coming out of their mouths must be taken with the biggest grain of salt.


The Witcher 4 Dev Is Working Closely With Epic Games To Bring Structural Improvements To UE5

The Witcher 4 developer CD Projekt Red is working closely with Epic Games in order to bring structural improvements to Unreal Engine 5.

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cloganart7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

As a dev, I can tell you that with 5, Epic made quite a leap. It perhaps may have done *too much* of a fidelity leap that most of its target hardware (Both PC and Consoles) struggles to hit 60FPS with all the new cutting edge features they added.

It may have had some issues with this generation to find a good home, but by PS6 the engine will have matured and found a good matching partner 🙏

rlow17d ago

Now that Sweet Baby is involved in this game. I’m really concerned it’s going to turn into a woke agenda poster child. I hope not but after what happened to the tv show, I won’t be holding my breath on this one.

Demetrius7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Folks are so mf afraid to tell the sweet baby inc weirdos NO we don't want your involvement lol

jznrpg6d ago

Hard to say. Maybe they are welcoming them?
I know I wouldn’t hire anyone from the outside to give me advice on how to do my job but we don’t know that they feel scared and they could be positive toward them. People have different beliefs and ideals and that’s ok there is 7 billion people you are going to have ideals that run the gamut.
If it was me I’d tell them to F off because I wouldn’t want to pay people to advise what I’m doing regardless of who it is unless I sought them out myself and that could be the case here who knows.

raWfodog7d ago

Give Bethesda some tips on how to work with new, better game engines.

7d ago

The Witcher 3 Dev Reveals the 'Secret Sauce' of CD Projekt Red Quests

In an interview at Gamescom Latam, Game Rant speaks with developer Paweł Sasko about the construction of CDPR quests and what makes them special.

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victorMaje14d ago

A long time ago I remember reading in a game design book how books were all about telling, then movies came along & it became more about showing & then with games it became more about playing.

This is why ever since I keep saying gameplay is king. Not just because of the fun it can be but because of the emotion it can convey.

Pawel Sasko I salute you.