The HD DVD Treat

Obviously the war between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray is something consumers are going to be seeing for quite some time. There is no way that Sony is going to give up their cherished system, 100% not going to happen. There is also no reason why Toshiba will stop making their players and Microsoft supporting it. If this does happen, it won't be any time soon, so let us all agree to that.

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jorellpogi4042d ago

LOL. Let us hope the treat is good. :)

name4043d ago

Actually theres plenty of reasons for hd dvd to stop supporting them, and for microsoft to stop.

1. Hd DVD is alot

2. Microsoft wants both of them to lose

Anything but Cute4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

to be the boss

TANOD4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

This is why it is the least selling console in 2007 even with their
biggest game --HALo 3

Snukadaman4043d ago

Not down the line when there are no more bogo free offers down the line for either formats....when they will stand on their library's of movies I said in the past the cheaper format wins....hd-dvds players are at 199..getting cheaper in europe as well...the lowest blu-ray players are 299-250$. Price makes a difference...and with sales of ps3's that will slow down after the holiday, I think hd-dvd has a chance too catch up.

Fisher3394043d ago

I disagree that hd dvd will have a chance to catch-up
in the last two weeks alone over 1.1 million ps3's were sold.
in ther small world of the HD format, thats a sh1tload.

I see more studios going blu because of the bigger install base and superior format. 8.4 million players is too much to pass up.

socomnick4043d ago

Tanrod you said xbox 360 is the least selling console in 2007 wtf have you been smoking. The Xbox 360 has been kicking ps3s but year long until last week when ps3 outsold it in worldwide sales by a mere 16k.

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wil4hire4043d ago

Give it up.. jesus xbots.

zapass4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Check that out: there are actually people who disagree with you!
I guess some vision or reading impairment? or poll math is just too complicated?

It's a new phenomenon:
- facts are boring and old school
- reality is too complex and therefore suspect
- denial is a sustainable alternative
- microsoft innovates
- hddvd is winning

InMyOpinion4043d ago

Fact: Both of you only have 3 bubbles.

zapass4042d ago

here's one of the zealous 'clickers' who think that less bubbles will make inconvenient facts disappear. how does it work? you look at the numbers, you get all pissed off and frustrated, you think that if you hide the numbers, then the numbers do not exist?

how puzzling to me that all the mental short comings normally associated with the foxnews loving loyal Bushie, do apply perfectly to the loyal xbot moron: ignorance, lying, denial, smearing, corrupting a legit democratic process...

you're right jenzo, it worked for global warming, you can deny the truth and the problems go away: no RRoD problem, hddvd is winning, sure...

you're right everybody, the bubble system is not corrupted!

these losers make you want to jump in?
they make me wanna puke and get the leash,
time to wake up everybody!

Lumbo4043d ago

What made me laugh was his childish attempt to blow up the HD-DVD section of the movie lables:

"Here is a quick list of where everyones loyalties are:

Blu-Ray Exclusive: Sony Pictures, Disney, MGM, Lionsgate, Fox

HD-DVD: Paramount/Dreamworks, Universal, Microsoft

Playing for both teams: Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema"

Just so that HD-DVD does not look as small as it is he added Microsoft to it, ignoring the fact that MS is in fact a supporter of digital download content, not of any disk format ;)

HarryEtTubMan4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Blu ray Exclusive: Apple, Coumbian pictures, Tristar, MGM, Dell, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Disney, Polaroid, Phillips, JVC, EVERYTHING.

HAHA its the truth bots... blu ray will never lose. There's way more than I just named also.

BIoodmask4043d ago

If you would do your homework you would see that Blu-ray and HD DVD have roughly the same amount of catalogue titles. More studios "does not" equal more movies.

Universal is massive (a bit over 7500 catalogue titles):

Paramount/Dreamworks (a bit over 3700 catalogue titles):
----------------------------- ---------------------------
Compare that to:
Columbia/Tristar (a bit over 4000 catalogue titles):

MGM (a bit over 3200 catalogue titles)

Disney/Buena Vista (a bit over 1700 catalogue titles)

20th Century Fox (a bit over 1400 catalogue titles):

Sony Pictures (just under 600 Catalogue titles)

Lions Gate (just over 200 catalogue titles)

You see, Universal alone is larger than MGM, Disney/Buena Vista, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, and Lions Gate combined.

rofldings4043d ago

And... More movies "does not" equal more quality movies.

enzobot244043d ago

I have a PS3, so I'm Blu-ray for that reason - I have no ties to the format in a fanboy-ish fashion:

But seriously... people (on both sides) need to stop counting studio's cataloged libraries.

With less than 400 titles in each format, those catalog title numbers are irrelevant. They aren't releasing all of them any time soon.

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Fighter4043d ago

Blu-ray wins every week in sales. Nuff said.

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