PlayStation Suite open to all developers from April, full SDK coming 'later'

It's been many months since we first heard about this PlayStation SDK, which entered closed beta for a chosen few back in November. Now we're told the open beta will arrive in April, allowing any interested developer to create content for the PS Suite, which will ultimately be accessible to all PlayStation-certified Android smartphones and tablets as well as the PS Vita.

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joeorc3123d ago

$99.00 a year to make official homebrew for the PSVita, not bad an there's profit shareing for the developers. sounds good to me.

jujubee883122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

The economic and bureaucratic things behind making a lucrative PSS app is still quite vague.

$99 USD a year really is not much (considering iOS has the same price for its license). The question is, what other costs are involved in submitting and getting an app approved for the PSS? What are the fees for setting up PSN network connected software for stuff like DLC and patches? What other devices will have "Playstation Certification"? etc.

Still quite nice to have the open beta accompany PS VITA debug testing. A developer who shares his/her code could basically allow anyone with a VITA to just test their game out (in a very homebrew fashion). Nice.

Fishermenofwar3122d ago

Great Idea and a great price....

Wolfbiker3122d ago

Awesome....I've only been waiting nearly a year now for it...

murkster-dubez3122d ago

hmm, I wonder how controlled this will be hope its as open as the android platform.