Don't Fool Yourself, Playing Wii Tennis Won't Keep You Fit

Think working up a sweat playing Nintendo Wii Tennis is a substitute for exercise, think again. Wii jocks will have to hit the treadmill like everyone else if they want to stay fit.

According to a study by the British Medical Journal, while the Wii provides more activity than passive videogames it is still no replacement for getting some good old fashioned exercise.

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Itachi4571d ago

shame, In your Face Nintendo


Im rick james B1TCH!!!!!!!!

TruthbeTold4571d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

It might not make you fit, but if it keeps people from sitting on their butts with a bag of chips, cookies, McDonalds, etc. while gaming then it's definitely helpful.
Not being a part of the problem means alot in the world of obesity.

Darkiewonder4570d ago

You can most definitely play the Wii Sports game sitting down. :3

beoulve4570d ago

Wii is not match for Vii then.
Vii even have singapore olympic medalist endorse it, say it's healthy fit.

wiizy4570d ago

and the point is...? wii is a game system... no where in the manual is a fitness regiment.....

Slayer OP4570d ago

How do you explain wii fit then?

john_doe4570d ago

wii fit is software, it does not define the console itself

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The story is too old to be commented.