Sony's sexy new tube: TV of the future?

Here's what's happening: it's called "OLED" TV. OLED stands for "organic light-emitting diode." You pronounce it "oh-ledd." The picture is stunning. Absolutely amazing. There are no superlatives that can do the thing justice. It's not TV. It's a window. Or a looking-glass. The clarity of the image on this new kind of television is difficult to describe, unless you've seen one.

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TANOD4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

OLED has a contrast ratio of 1000 000 :1

How many wars is SONY planning to win in 2008?


console---almost certainly will be won in 2008

HD TV --Bravia is already no1 ...but with OLED SONY might capture over 50% of the market shares

dukajoe4039d ago

Samsung has already produced a 27inch, and others can make big ones. This is actually kind of old news really--the main problem with oled's is the life of the blue diodes, not size. It is true that sony is not the inovator on this, although it is now their main focus. No major player can really claim inovation on this; the paten was created 10-15 years ago by Kodak, and they still own it.

actionjackson4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

For clarification, in regards to flat panel TV's, Samsung and Sony are synonymous. Samsung manufactures Sony's flat panel TV's.

risk4039d ago

and just so you know the ones you are talking about are LED backlit lcd display's they are still LCD's but their light source is an LED. They cost 2-3x the normal price of LCD's and are very bright. They still dont have the 1million:1 contrast ratio or equal colour distribution as OLEDs do, thus the reason they are so big. and besides, OLEDs are REALLY REALLY expensive :)

socsca4039d ago

What are you talking about? You don't even make sense man.

Bravia is not #1, not even close actually, realize. OLEDs wont make it big in 08, its not a posibility considering they are still incredibly expensive (hence reserved for a small portion consumers), don't last long and don't exist in mainstream sizes like 32 inch. I wish it would, but it wont. Besides, Sony aren't the only ones doing OLEDs, and how tha fk are they going to take 50% (HAHAHAHA) of the market?!!??! Study economy, I think it might help you a lot.

Format? Yeah, probably, but at least wait for the dust to settle before yelling victory. I hope they do since I've got a blu ray player, aka PS3.

Console, yeah ok, whatever fanboy.

How is life on your planet these days? What was it called..? Dumbassland? or The United States of Fanboys?

xboxrumble4039d ago

that's why sony's HDTVS are over priced garbage with serious clouding issues.

Samsungs processing are way better. They actually have the LCD market.

JsonHenry4038d ago

Why does this article only mention the 11 - inch Sony models? Other companies have made much bigger ones. (Sony has made bigger models as well)

Also - this technology has been around for over 2 years already. I am kinda upset that it is not being offered for sale more widespread yet. : (

Wonderbhoy4038d ago

Blu ray is actually the one winning the format war.

Merovee4036d ago

But the A/V industry has been chatting about OLED's comming for about a year and a half.

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BloodySinner4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Expensive for such a small television. And... this is a duplicate story.

Account deleted4039d ago

remember when the lcd tvs were launched they were too expensive, and as poeple began upgrading from rear projection to lcd it became more and more cheaper, now the lcd tvs have acheived at least a 60 per cent market penetration(i laugh everytime i use this word), so the market have been acheived a high saturation (because the rest won't buy the thing until it is damn cheap) so to satisfy the need of customers to higher image quality you need a new technology(this time it is oled), it is pretty the same with the games console market
the point here is: sony always takes the high risk investments(proof the ps3, a high investment long term project), that's what makes a succesful company, being innovative(but in this particular case they haven't invented the tech, they bought a licence, but with their bravia tv engine, they can optimize it), but the thing that bothers me is that sony is on recession for creating new techs, they are striding for maximum profitability(proof they sold their semi-conductor production facilities), this is all began when sir howard stringer took on the the presidency of the corporation,,,, notice that in the time of jap presidents, the company was more inclined to create new techs, i hope they don't give up this process of creation, but let's wait and see(that's the only thing we can do)

prone to game anytime anywhere

Laexerias4039d ago

That thing is hot as hell. 1 000 000 : 1 and has full HD with this size.. woot the f*ck.