PlayStation Tips #4 - DLNA media server

What's cool about PS3's DLNA feature is that it's not limited to your living room. Combine the feature with Remote Play, and you can play back media files using your PSP wherever there's a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you're traveling for the holidays and you're stuck at the airport, DLNA and Remote Play won't make your delay any shorter, but it can certainly make the time go by faster.

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Bleucrunch4580d ago

This will be a gold mine for psp to ps3 remote when people start realizing its potential. I use it and the psp has replaced my iPod somewhat because I can access everything from the psp through remote play. YUP I love it.

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Cop_Boy4580d ago

another reason to own the beast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mighty_douche4580d ago

While its a nice idea, i dont fancy leaving my PC on 24 hours a day just in case i fancy watching an episode of South Park at work.

JIN KAZAMA4580d ago

leave their PC on all the time? You mean you actually shut it down at night? I can maybe understand shutting down the laptop, but always leave my Desktop on all the time. Oh well, its your perogative.

mighty_douche4580d ago

No thats my Electricity Bill.

ambientFLIER4580d ago

A lot of people shut their pc's down for the night. Zomg, imagine that?!

ravinash4580d ago

Got to cure those diseases you know.
I've done over 500 units now with folding at home. :-)

peksi4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

To the guys above: And watch the polar ice melt? Let the northern species go extinct when they can no longer build nests on the snow?

Here comes a lecture for all of you:

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A single PC won't do any good nor bad but that's all most of us can do so shut it down if you don't use it. And try figure out other ways to spare our small planet, it's the last one we got.

Class dismiss.

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PSWe604580d ago

Capabilities of both the PSP and the PS3 is the perfect model for all future consoles/handhelds.

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The story is too old to be commented.