European PSN updates for December 27th

There's no American PSN update for today, unfortunately, so we'll have to rely on Sony Europe to deliver some nice Christmas goodies for us; which they have. Not a lot, by any means, but we certainly used to dream of the days when we'd get three demos a week. Here's the full release list:

Super Stardust HD demo "and upgrade" (free)
The Club demo (free)
Snakeball demo (free) - now on the UK store

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UnblessedSoul4042d ago

It's better then nothing I guess

Coffin874042d ago

normally i would agree, but this is all BS..
but who cares, i have more ps3 games than i can play right now!!

Vip3r4042d ago

Same here coffin. But I'll still be downloading those demos anyway.

kingofps34042d ago

Didn't expect to see The Club demo! Gotta try it out. Anyone know when any additional demo items in Burnout Paradise gets unlocked?

conjurdevil4042d ago

The club Demo???!?!??!..where did this come from?

Jdash244042d ago

weird........wonder why theres no american update..........ohh well, signing on to my european account now :)

Mr_Kuwabara4042d ago

Probably got lazy or are planning something good for next week....

ravinash4041d ago

usually the us site is ahead of the UK site, so Its probably just us catching up once the licenses cleared.

SeanScythe4042d ago

they must be off for the week

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The story is too old to be commented.