The Nominees for Destructoid Game of the Year 2007

Destructoid writes, "It goes without arguing that 2007 was one of the best years of gaming in a very long time. It seemed like every console and handheld had a robust handful of topnotch games, covering pretty much every genre in the book (from beautifully designed platformers to epic first-person shooters). There really was a little something for everyone."

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ktchong4042d ago

And now it's a GOTY nominee!?

Kwijiboe4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I am too surprised Mass Effect was given a GOTY nom and a score of 7.0 (They advise people to "Rent it") I only have limited experience with the game itself, but I saw my friend playing Mass Effect, I was really bummed they got rid of some of KOTOR's feautures; changing characters, micro managing commands for your squad, and easier customizable gear/equipment. I was gonna ask to borrow his 360, but that all sort of turned me off-- Instead I hooked up my old Xbox to play kotor :)

However, I'd advise people to rent Bioshock too--But that by no means assumes that Bioshock is a 7.0 scoring game. Bioshock is a great experience. I played on PC though.

4D Zangief4042d ago

for highlighting some truly spectacular games. Bioshock and Mass Effect were truly stellar titles.

Another great aspect of this article is that it does not highlight any of the the PS3 exclusive titles that were hyped to no end by the Sony fandroids.

solar4042d ago

why cant fanboi's hype the exclusives? hype is what it is...hype. depends on if the game delivers or not. UC, R&C, and Heavenly Sword are great games that delivered imo. i was very geeked up for Super Mario Galaxy and i hyped it up. and to me it personally was good, but didnt live up to the hype i spewed about it.

hype is all talk. let ppl talk all they want. the bottom line is a different story.

Silvanos4041d ago

God of War 2 was a much better overall game.