Microsoft holds its ace cards at Spring Showcase event

Microsoft's more desirable games were being demonstrated behind closed doors with very short presentations giving mere morsels of information.

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bunt-custardly4107d ago

Time to ditch Star Wars by the looks of it, fortunately there's Steel Battalion then coming as the potential big killer “app” for Kinect. Here's hoping that one turns out more fruitful, as hopes were also high for Star Wars, but I think it looks like that's gone to the dogs now.

I'll dabble in some Halo 4 as well, rather miffed at the omission of 3D though seeing as it was well implemented in Halo Anniversary.

redDevil874106d ago

Can't believe you had high hopes for Star Wars lol

EVILDEAD3604106d ago

Halo 4 IS Micrsoft's ace in the hole this year and WOW does it already look like it's going to be phenominal start to the new trilogy.

The big suprise this year IMO has been how XBLA is turning into something bigger than it ever has with Alan Wake just releasing all the way to Kinect titles like Crimson Dragon.

The key with Kinect is that there is plenty of support from both first and 3rd party with Fable: The Journey and Steel Battalion taking the lead.

Sprinkle these with what is already looking like a packed year for major multi-plat titles and you have a solid balanced year on all fronts.

E3 already looks like it's going to be one of the best.


redDevil874106d ago

Evil wth, are you a MS robot?

I said something about Star Wars and you give me some PR babble about teh Haloz and Steel Batalion.

Take a break man.

vega2754106d ago

why would he have to be a robot or speaking PR babble cause he like halo or steel batalion.
he isn't saying anything different than a lot of sony owners say about every exclusive sony announces weather they be good or bad.

maybe it's you that needs to take a break from being a fanboy and have some respect for what people like weather it be something you agree with or not.

Sanetoshi4107d ago

I'm always a bit skeptical of Kinect stuff, but if Steel Battalion is as good as it sounds I may have to give it a shot.

Gearshead754107d ago

Star Wars doesn't look that bad, but not near as fun as Steel Battalion. I still think that PS3 has the best line up for 2012. I want an IP that is going to knock my socks off like Gears did when it came out. Halo 4 will shape up nicely and I think that 343 will breathe some life into a franchise that was starting to feel stale in terms of direction. I thought that the XBLA had a strong showing with some pretty sweet titles coming.

PixL4106d ago

Two years ago there was a lie at E3: "this is Kinect and you core gamers will like it".
A year ago there was a lie at E3: "this is Kinect again and you'll see core games coming soon, it needs to mature".
Now I don't listen to MS anymore.

EVILDEAD3604106d ago

Nice made up to link em'

Kinect has been put for ONE year and 4 months..

Core game experiences like Child of Eden,Gunslinger,Halo anniversary, Forza 4 etc.

Today..Mass Effect 3 one of the biggest core franchise in the 360 history

Upcoming EA Sports titles Tiger Woods, Madden, Fifa

Upcoming games this year Crimson Dragon, Steel Battalion, Fable: The Journey

More..Rainbox Six:Patriots, Ghost Recon, and every upcoming Tom Clancy title

Core gamers already own and use Kinect..

EVERY major core genre has or will use Kinect in it's games.

So to add it up Kinect can be used for younger audience, core audiences, and casual audiences for games and multi-media purposes.

So whose REALLY lying?


PixL4106d ago

You sound like an advertisement from the Dashboard. Now, how can I block you?

Fishermenofwar4106d ago

"Today..Mass Effect 3 one of the biggest core franchise in the 360 history "

Umm you do know its Multiplatform right....Just saying....Its not a 360 Franchise....

mcstorm4106d ago

EVILDEAD360 I have to agree with you on this. Kinect is just what MS needed to open the console up to everyone. They also needed to focus the device at the none core at the start so it got its name as a all round console. It has now done that and we are now starting to see the core games come for the 360.

southernbanana4106d ago

Wow. Evil, you gave some factual information and Pixl wants to block you? Really? If this is the kind of box people live in I am afraid of our future...

Disccordia4106d ago

Just because Mass Effect is multiplatform, doesn't mean it's not one of the biggest franchises on 360. Are you suggesting that Call of Duty isn't one of the biggest franchises on the PS3 despite the three best selling games on the console being from that franchise... because the game is also out on PC/360?

EVILDEAD3604106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

@ Pixl

'You sound like an advertisement from the Dashboard. Now, how can I block you?'

And you sound like called on your false statement and can't handle the truth..typical fan kids.

@ Fish

'Umm you do know its Multiplatform right....Just saying....Its not a 360 Franchise.'

Umm you do know that the original Mass Effect was published by Micrsoft gaming studios for the 360.

The original game is still a console exclusive and the 360 is the only console where you can play the full trilogy. Mass Effect 2 was on the 360 a year prior to it becoming a multi-plat.

Which WHY I say Mass Effect is one of the biggest core franchises in 360 history.


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TitanUp4106d ago

imo pc has the best line up this year but 360 is gaining some ground just be nice if ms announced a new ip.

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