CMC Chairman: Blu-ray Yet To Be Mainstream

The time for Blu-ray to gain mass penetration is yet to be seen as high royalty fees and equipment costs mean Taiwan disc makers are conservative over their deployment in the next-generation optical disc standard, said CMC Magnetics chairman Robert Wong.

As Taiwan optical disc makers will only invest in 1-2 lines for Blu-ray disc production during the initial stages, and royalty fees for BD-R are still high, the time which Blu-ray disc gains the mainstream role is not expected for several years, Wong estimated.

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Boink4583d ago

the dumb and dumber pic sums up this HD format war perfectly...

HarryEtTubMan4583d ago

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wallace10004583d ago

That is a pretty funny picture. I think they both messed up by agreeing to not work together. We are stuck with both formats. I think it is up to the studios now to start producing for both formats, if that happens then the problem is solved. Buy blu-ray or HD DVD then, it won't matter.