New Golden Axe concept images and official site

Sega has opened the official site of Golden Axe: Beast Rider and released five new concept images that can be viewed below.

The game is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in summer 2008.

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BIoodmask4574d ago

looks pretty good but I do not have high expectations for this game even though the originals were fantastic. It just seems like when gaming made the transition from 2D to 3D some developers lost some of their magic. Sega being one of them.

The last two classic franchises resurrected by Sega were Shinobi and Altered Beast on PS2. Both average at best. Being a long time Sega fan it was a let down.

I will keep my hopes up for the new iteration of Golden Axe. I just hope that Sega doesn't let me down again.

MK_Red4574d ago

I agree on classic Golden Axe as well as how the new one may fail even though concept arts are cool but I got to disagree with you on Shinobi PS2. It wasn't a classic like Revenge of Shinobi but it was really great and fun game IMO.

neogeo4574d ago

A remake of the old in hidef would be perfect!

Neurotoxin4574d ago

Lol the original is one of the best arcade games ever - Even the stupid Conan the barbarian pictures when you complete it.

Athlon4574d ago

Don't know why this is new. The actual in-game pics released last month are horrendous.

AAACE54573d ago

I want this game to do well, but like everyone else... I'm not too sure what the end result might be!

Let's hope sega's ready to make a rebound and become a respectable developer again!

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