Sony Exits Projection TV Business to Focus on Flat Panels

In the fiscal half-year through September, Sony lost $526.3 million in its TV operations, partly because of losses tied to rear-projection TVs. Diving prices of LCD TVs also contributed to the red ink. The world's electronics makers are all working on LCD technology for TVs, as well as another technology called "plasma display panels," or PDP.

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neogeo4575d ago

So I can say. Good riddens to bad rubbish! I have always hated Projection TV's with there dark screen and picture. I never could undersdtand why anyone would want one.

beoulve4575d ago

I have both LCD and RDP, both in 1080P, LCD 50" and RDP 60"(new generation RDP not the old one). All I can say is this, LCD is still couldn't match RDP picture quality(black level, color and pixel(you still see tiny dot in LCD)) plus Standard Definition Signal in LCD still a big problem. I would go for another RDP if i have the choice but I think that are something new coming out this CES 2008.

beoulve4575d ago

I think it's surround lighting issue and settings. In LCD, my constrast ratio setting is pretty close to max around 95% but for RDP, Mines around 85% to the max. The max one are really bright until it hurt your eyes.

actas1234575d ago

DLP TVs lost the fight because they are way heavier than LCDs or Plasma. They do have better picture quality, but not when running HD channels. Also, the new generation of LCDs and Plasmas have superior picture quality than DLPs.

bluray204575d ago

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Torch4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

I've got a Hitachi 53UDX10B projection...bleeding edge six years ago.

Other than a few specific issues, this TV has performed awesome over the years...none of the problems you mentioned...even at a very wide viewing angle (usually akin to older-generation projections.)

My major gripes are that I'm stuck with 540p/1080i resolutions (what was available back then) which bugs the heck out of my sensitive eyes, the 4:3 aspect ratio (by far the best screen real-estate-per-dollar deal at the time), and having to find a reliable source to manually converge the three RGB guns, as my text is a little fuzzy right now...(heh, heh...anyone here know how to do it???)

Matter of fact, I'm having an impossible time trying to 'accidentally' break the indestructible monster so I can give my wife a sorry-ass excuse for having to buy a full-resolution 720p/1080p set. ;)

Merry Christmas.

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neogeo4575d ago

I was in Compusa a few weeks ago and my friend that works there showed me the latest and greatest RPD. It had a clean picture but like all the others was very dark. maybe we need to tweek the settings.
Or maybe Compusa is going out of biz:)

TANOD4575d ago

However the OLED is the future

AceLuby4575d ago

65" and for the $$$ I couldn't have gotten anything over a 50-55" plasma or a 42-50" LCD. Also, the picture quality is amazing watching 300 in 1080p and most people that walk in say it looks better than a plasma. One friend says my 32" LCD looks better, but I honestly think that for the size my DLP TV has just as good of a picture.

SaiyanFury4575d ago

Amen to that, AceLuby. I've got a 1080p 61" Samsung DLP and I wouldn't have it any other way. My living room is quite large and for the price I got my HDTV with stand for (2500) dollars, I'd have never been able to get such a large plasma or LCD. I'd have been limited to a 42" or something that had 1080p in a flat panel. There's certainly nothing wrong with flat panel HDTVs, I have a 42" 720p/1080i plasma in my bedroom and it's great for watching movies. But for my gaming needs, I needed something a lot bigger than what I could get in a flat panel for 2500 beans.

Real Gambler4575d ago

Typical store lighting doesn't do good to this type of tv. And also, if one tv need some tweaking when you get it, it's the rear projection type. (though there seem to be more and more LCD tv with very lousy factory default setting creeping out these day).

Anyway, once you get such a set in your house, in decent condition, you will be amazed.

But they will be gone soon no matter what. Price for flat panel is going down and killing them. Nobody will want a bulky set when you can get something you can hang on the wall for the same price.


rear proj do suck . I bought sony lcd for less than 2 grand on

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