Gamespot's Best of 2007 Awards: Platform Awards

2007 was a great year to be a video game player, regardless of whichever game platforms you own. Gamespot's platform award deliberation this year was especially challenging (and the discussion was especially spirited) not only because there were so many great games available for each platform, but also because there were so many excellent multiplatform games. These awards were ultimately given to the games that the editors decided were the best games available on each platform for the year.

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toughNAME4582d ago

Bioshock, Mass Effect, Uncharted, R&C...not even nominated

MaximusPrime4582d ago

Warhawk - a platform game? Wth. Its a shoot-'em-up game.

Im not using Gamespot anymore. 2 months ago they blew it.

titntin4582d ago

Did you even bother to read article? Its plainly the best games of all genres for each 'machine platform'! :)
Its got nothing at all to do with 'platform games' and you'd be hard pressed to find any kind of platform game amoung the nominations or the winners.

Though I'm a little dubious over Gamespots objectivity, the article is fair enough and the picks are pretty reasonable. Of course that means they missed out some of the games I've liked most this year - all the above mentioned games poster 1 posted for instance, but the picks are OK!

Charlie26884582d ago

This year GS awards have been a JOKE, the first categories the winners seem VERY random and a BRUTAL contrast to the readers voting ALMOST as if they were doing it on purpose >.> , also its pretty pathetic how they left SO many games out and instead placed other more "random" ones -_-

and no F-CKING emblem either >.<

Jinxstar4582d ago

I haven't read it cause I don't wanna give their site hits... Probably looks like everyone else's GOTY lists... I liked gametrailers. At least they put effort.

Dpa4582d ago

Why bother posting this as news? Nobody clicks on it anymore, nobody pays attention to Cashspot anymore.

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