Halo 4 quotes: The hype, the excitement, and the…huh?

If you think you got a tough job, try deciphering game-industry speak. Developers can say a whole lot of nothing and still sound great while doing it. Case in point: Check out the various quotes below from Halo 4 developer 343 Industries. These guys can talk. These guys can tease. And if you’re a hardcore Halo fan, these guys can even get you excited.

But what are they really saying??

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Sadie21004103d ago

My fave:

“We looked at two primary goals for [Master] Chief. One, obviously, was focused on gameplay and that first-person experience, which was, ‘How can we deliver on a really visceral, physical, immersive experience for the player as they embody Chief? Deliver on the fantasy of being a 900-pound Spartan badass, how can we do that to the plus 10?’” - Kiki Wolfkill, executive editor, making us wonder why other developers only settle for a normal 10

LouisGarcia4103d ago

Reminds me of when I have to interview people at the state level of government... Ugh.