Silent Hill V Concept Art - Travis in Silent Hill V?

22 Pieces of Concept/Character art for Silent Hill V, including some in-game renders of Travis (Silent Hill: Origins) who appears to be a character in Silent Hill V.

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lynx1halo4037d ago

Those are some pretty twisted pictures....i likes....reminds me of some of the characters off of Hellraiser though.......I SMELL A LAWSUIT

Anything but Cute4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

is the reason I bought an XBOX 360 over a PS3. I know it's multi but it's lead on 360. I've already seen way too many times what happens when games are ported to PS3.

For me it was like, if I wanted the real Silent Hill V, I needed a 360. No exceptions and Silent Hill is my favorite franchise so I had no choice.

Konami is sending mixed messages. MGS4 is PS3 exclusive, so you would think they want PS3 sales. Yet they screw it over by making development of other games on PS3 an afterthought.

I've heard things from their developers like Japanese development is in trouble. The 360 version of Silent Hill will be the most popular. Moving foward 360 is the best console for Castlevania. Clearly Konami doesn't believe in the PS3 bullsh*t. I think the only reason why MGS4 is PS3 exclusive is because of Kojima.

Clearly the PS3 is in trouble.

Ashta4037d ago

Allow me to educate you oh member of the unwashed 360 community.

1) Silent Hill V is developed by a western team. Same as Origins, so I'm assuming thats why Travis is making an appearance.

2) Both versions are independently within Konami between the western teams. Another good game used this type of development process....ever heard of Infinity Ward?

3) The game is NOT a port from 360 to PS3. Developed at the same time.

4) I doubt you hear -anything- from developers and the fact that you dont even know that the SH5 team isnt being developed in Japan proves that.

5) Castlevania has nothing to do with this post, and there is a Castlevania project in the works for the PS3 so try that one again.

6) Why is MGS4 an exclusive deal on the PS3? Well, i'm sure there is a contract, but then again it could be because the Japanese LOVE themselves some MGS but they hate themselves some Xbox 360. Konami and Kojima obviously want to create a better game on a single system that will do well at home as well as abroad.

Gee, I'm sorry I had to embarass you or "pwn" you as they say, but you were just ASKING for it. Anyways, have a nice day.

Laexerias4037d ago

And. Anything but Cute, YOUR AVATAR IS NOT EVEN A BIT CUTE. >=O
Btw. Hihi, Climax got better experiance with Sony Hardware then with Xbox imo, cause Silent Hill 0 (Origins) was no Microsoft XBP (X Box Portable lmao) Game!

Anything but Cute4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

360 pays the cost to be boss.

As long as games keep selling more on 360, companies will keep making them for 360.