Nintendo Wii most searched for item on eBay + Ten most searched key words

Telegraph, 27/12/2007:

The Nintendo Wii games console is the most searched for item on eBay since Christmas, the internet auction site has revealed.

More than 1,100 of the elusive machines - which retail for £180 - have been offered for sale, with asking prices of up to £1,000.

The most searched-for key words on since Christmas Day were:

1. Wii console
2. Ugg boots
3. High School Musical
4. iPod Nano
5. Nintendo DS
6. PSP console
7. Laptop
8. Tom Tom
9. XBox 360 console
10. PS3 Console

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Maddens Raiders4578d ago

1. Wii console
2. Ugg boots
3. High School Musical
----------------------------- -

Well, now I know! 8D

Coffin874578d ago

HAHAHA couldn't agree more!! xDD

bluray204578d ago

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wiizy4578d ago

next year it will get worse for fanboys. when wii sells even more

wiizy4578d ago

the world gets in trouble when everyone starts thinking they are toy soldiers or when fanboys just dont know when to bow down to wii... but obviously since wii in the lead , most people still have their senses


No more news on WII sale please . I own a ps3 and didnt want anything to do with the wii . I still had to end up buying 2 for christmas for my god sons .

LinuxGuru4578d ago

Ugg boots?

What the hell are millions of people searching for ugg boots for?


What the hell?

lol.... o_O

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