2007 in Review - Wii beats PS3 and Xbox 360

Stuart Dredge writes, "Who'd have thought the champion next-gen console would be the one made by Nintendo? Yet the Wii has gone from strength to strength this year, despite continued stock shortages that have won it the dubious distinction of being the parent-panicking product of two Christmases in a row."

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lynx1halo4579d ago

but even Ive got to admit.......they Beat the PS3 fair and square......numbers talk

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

becauśe a lot of parentś arena in the know of the pś3 and xbox'ś greater library and better online experience. And becauśe its cheaper. And becau it haś the cute game and all that

bluray204579d ago

just wait until 2008 there will be article ps3 beats wii and 360 - Earn money by doing free simple surveys!
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cooke154579d ago

i refuse to argue with 12 year old ps3 fanboys

DarkSniper4579d ago

Nintendo has done a disservice to the people who made them, the hardcore gaming audience. Dark Sniper refuses to give Nintendo Wii any support for it being an overpriced machine with incapabilities that even the PS2 and original XBOX surpasses.

2008 will spell an epic year of gigantic proportions for the console phenom known as the PLAYSTATION 3®. With AAA exclusives being presented to the system consistently throughout 2008, it cannot be debated that any and all titles trump what will be available for XBOX 360 in 2008.

Unproven franchises have seen the way of the dodo for XBOX in titles such as Two Worlds, Vampire Rain, Hour of Victory, Blue Dragon and even Halo 3. With all of Microsoft's cards being placed in 2007, Microsoft and all of it's slavekids have no choice but to starve and die by the lightning bolt in which is Sony.


PSWe604579d ago

Yes the Wii sold well.

cooke154579d ago

i have 17 on my shelf :)

purin4579d ago

the wii was made for everyone, just as the famicom
many non-japanese players don't know about the different peripherals(sp?) & apps for the the system, which the wii makes the revolution back to

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The story is too old to be commented.