Drumshh - New product to silence your Rock Band Drums

A common complaint since the release of Rock Band was the sound created by bashing the skins of the drums. Not only does this mean that you create a terrible racket but it means you often have to turn the volume up a notch or two and if you have thin walls or its late at night…well, you've got yourself a problem.

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SIX4042d ago

Guess who's going to the crafts store tonight?

GnuUzir4042d ago

$10 and four mouse pads later... you can ever much these cost =P

xplosneer4042d ago

I can only play my guitar at night because the drums wake everyone up. Now I can play RockBand late into the night with drums!

LanRanger4042d ago

There's a nice tutorial for a do-it-yourself mod here: http://www.generationgamerz...

A friend tried it and it worked great.

donscrillinger4041d ago

yall know the haters on the sound are the ones who wish they had the game and we're rocking out like u ON PLAYAZ ROCK ON .........

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