SimCity DS Sequel Announced

Kotaku: "Simcity DS had a lot of potential, it just messed up the execution. So it's back to the drawing board for the sequel, which instead of piling more features and micromanagement into the game - like its PC predecessors did - will be taking a cue from Civilization and feature vastly different time periods, from the middle ages to the industrial revolution and beyond. Including cavemen, should you be the type to hate on roads and agriculture. Further details are non-existent, so for now, be grateful for the above scans".

PS360WII5954d ago

Sweet! SimCity DS was a great game that I still play :) Glad it's getting another one out along with different time periods. Should be intresting.


Games Like SimCity

SimCity is an open ended city building video game series where the player (acting as mayor) is given the task of founding and developing a city, while maintaining the happiness of the citizens and keeping a stable budget. If you are a fan of City building games like SimCity and looking for more games like SimCity then find the recommendations for it below which offers familiar gameplay. Don't forget to mention if we miss any games that are similar to SimCity as we keep on updating this list.

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Maxis Live Broadcast; SimCity and The Sims 3

Maxis has announced that there are some amazing things happening with SimCity and The Sims 3 Seasons.

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Preview:SimCity: More than Your Borders[IGN]

ign writes: Maxis Software's ultimate goal for the SimCity franchise has always been to make you think about game ideas in the real world. From dealing with natural disasters like earthquakes, to making sure city-funded services such as garbage and electricity are provided, the simulation should be fun and also develop your mind so you reflect on what you see going on around you every day. After more than a decade the studio that started it all is returning to the series, bringing back the beloved PC franchise with a new game simply titled SimCity. The ultimate goal is still the same, but new advances in tech and design, as well as living in a world with increased globalization, have reshaped the way Maxis approached its design.