XCOM: Enemy Unknown "Deep Dive" video - first footage

2K Games released a new video for XCOM: Enemy Unknown showing the first gameplay of the title and more.

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Kingdom Come3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

There are some truly intriguing and original features of which I, being someone who rarely plays RTS', find greatly interesting. The cover-system, verticality in combat (a gameplay mechanic utilised in the horrendous "Stormrise"), the base, the "glam-cam", the customisable squad members. This is looking surprisingly fantastic...

OC_MurphysLaw3124d ago

I also think you will find that this wont play like your typical RTS. If its anything like the other games in the series you will find it more intimate even with the ditching of the turn based elements.

Neckbear3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

But it didn't ditch the turn-based elements. Watch the video, even the developers mention it's turn-based. It won't play like your typical RTS, and it is interesting to someone who rarely plays RTS games, because it isn't an RTS.

This is looking as Valkyria Chronicles meets X-Com, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

OC_MurphysLaw3124d ago

Hey Neckbear, I could have sworn they said they did away with the turn based element.
Could it be when you engage a specific action that time stops until you do it...then time starts up? Or maybe they meant that all movement including enemy movement occurs together... so previously in Xcom each soilder would get a turn to move so to speak and then it would be the enemy's maybe that is gone and everyone moves together within the "turn".

Either way, I agree...this game has turned into such a huge surprise. Definitely one if not "the" most anticipated for me this year.

ExPresident3124d ago

Little worried that this is gonna be changed to much and be butchered. I'll give it a shot tho when it comes out. But I don't have a lot of faith, we'll see what happens.

Those who are huge x-com fans and want a remake of the original up to todays "standards" should check out Xenonauts: