Nintendo Could Become Victim of Own Success

Kotaku writes:

"Nintendo's fiscal year may not end until March, but with the year the company's been having chances are pretty good that the company could be announcing that they expect to do better than predicted in January. That's what happened at the beginning of this year and if doesn't happen again at the beginning of next year there's a chance that investors could be a little ticked, according to an anonymous Nintendo Stock Blogger. It's ironic that the companies success could lead investors to expect constant jumps in earnings".

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moujahed4039d ago

Invest in Sony PS3's cell processor, or something Sony PS3 related now while it's cheap!

ChickeyCantor4039d ago

" now while it's cheap! "
...when time passes it gets cheaper.....i do not get your logic

ChickeyCantor4039d ago

o yeah >_<

but then again isnt price of hardware going down anyway ?

Slayer OP4039d ago

Maybe intil bral but then we will see order restored with the ps3 vs xbox battling it out. The wii just doesnt offer what a game system needs these days.

SabreMan4039d ago

you live in cloud cuckoo land

the Wii doesn't offer what a games system needs ??

i beg to differ just look at the sales figures, that in itself proves your opinions are flawed and hold no ground whatsoever. The Wii is a phenomenon and will continue to be for some considerable time, Nintendo are dominating the handheld and console market this generation

end of story, unless you have a time machine or a crystal ball and can offer proof of your claims stop spouting ill informed garbage.
all three systems can co exist because one of them offers a completely different experience to the other two and is appealing to the biggest market of all, the casual gamer

Slayer OP4039d ago

Do i really? Maybe it is you that in denial.

Do you ask yourself why wii sells? Its a cheap gimmick thats why. The motion sensor is what sells it but it doesnt have many game franchises other then mario and brawl. Thats about it for 2008 but ps3 and wii both offer dozens of new franchises for 2008.

Also the motion sensor isnt something that is unique to the wii anymore, both ps3 and wii have their own now so it means that the wii wont really stand out in the coming months like it did before. The price is also irrelevant because both ps3 and 360 are better deals for their buck because thay have many features that the wii does not. The wii doesnt even have online play or HD or even a herd drive or a media player. Its clear to the consumers that these features surpass the wii but they bough it because its cheap but now other consoles are cheap as well so people will buy what is the beter deal.

Your casul gaming argument is a terrible one. Dont you know that casual games are lame? 2 year old can play them. We want a challenge not simple games that you can beat in 5 minutes with one hand behind your back. The casual gamers are nothing compared to the hardcore gamers because they are the ones who are more loyal. Casual gamers only buy 1-5 games year while harcore gamers buy 20-40. Thats why wi doesnt sell many games.

ChickeyCantor4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

" Do i really? Maybe it is you that in denial. "

actually he was talking about "sales figures" yeah go figure...

"Dont you know that casual games are lame? 2 year old can play them"
And KIDS are like an important piece of the market.
KIDS, you, me, (grand)PA & (grand)MA....are all a piece of the market and thats what nintendo is aiming for everyone.

Casuals outnumber Core gamers, get used to the scary thoughts.

ShadoWulf4038d ago

"Also the motion sensor isnt something that is unique to the wii anymore, both ps3 and wii have their own now so it means that the wii wont really stand out in the coming months like it did before."

Completely invalid since the PS3 has *always* had motion sensing. In fact, they've made worse use of it than the Wii has, for being such a 'superior' company. I would endeavor to call the SIXAXIS more of a gimmick than the Wiimote... which leads me to my next point.

A gimmick is something that is well advertised and hyped but ends up not working at all. I'm not sure how many Wii games you've played, but there are quite a few instances where the controller functions are just terrible. This is due to cheap/lazy devs. *However* Nintendo and a few third-party games (MOH:H2 and BWii, to name 2) have proven that Wiimote motion-sensing and *pointing* (something the PS3 does not offer, by the way) abilities can be used effectively and reliably to produce satisfying and immersing results and increase the value of the game. Hereby I declare the Wiimote's functionality as legitimate. You are free to label aforementioned developers and their games as gimmicks, but NOT the technology they fail to implement.

Franchises time. Mario, while easily in my experience the best game on the Wii to date, is not the only option on the console. The much-hailed Metroid Prime 3, I can say, lives up to its high ratings. I enjoyed this game to no end while playing it the first time, and even the second time, and still have fun on my third go-around. I might also add that I still go back and play Twilight Princess, despite it being a relatively lacking game when held up to the light of Nintendo's recent endeavors. And not just Nintendo's! The two previously mentioned games, MoH: Heroes 2 and Batallion Wars 2: Wii are both worth a word. They both feature online play, and good use of controls. I don't have the experience to add any more at the moment; as I do not have the means to buy any more of the Wii games I am interested in. However, the future holds quite a few interesting titles. Obviously we have Brawl, easily ready to take the honor of best game on the console. After this we have a relatively overlooked (for lack of leaking of info) game called Disaster: Day of Crisis. This is a first-party game with a promising motif: surviving natural disasters while attempting to stop a terrorist group from destroying the United States. Cliche, perhaps, but the idea of racing through a city from a tidal wave or dodging lava floes while picking off enemy grunts is a bit unexplored in the game industry. The only other of such games would be Irem's Disaster Report and Raw Danger. And still, Nintendo has yet to give word of whether they are developing a Star Fox game (the first franchise I thought of when presented with the Wii's innovative tech). I realize that these last three are all Nintendo-published games. Nintendo does seem to be the top game-maker for the Wii (although I honestly don't see why that's a bad thing). However, I do not doubt that other developers will come to their senses when they see that, as public opinion of the Wii dies down and/or gamers shed light on the shoddy composition of the majority of third-party Wii games, it is more profitable to create a memorable game than a minigame collection.

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kobonline4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

The Wii is whats selling the Wii.

When will you people get it?

"The wii wont last much longer."

OK,"the outspoken", when exactly will the Wii fade? You appear to know the answer. Did you know it was going to sell this well, and then eventually fade in 2008 after "Bral" i mean Brawl is released?

You people hope that it will fade....
You people hope the PS3 or 360 wins....
You people are hoping on an unlikely scenario.

Stop predicting and just take a look at the stats, and the stats say the Wii is dominating.

N4G is full of Sony and Xbox Fanboys.

Slayer OP4039d ago

Do you ever stop to look at why wii has sold so much so far? Do you even question yourself on wiis success and if it can continue?

In pretty sure you dont because you are just thinking "Zomg wii is teh pwnage!11!1!!"

Why dont you look at the stats? The wii has no graphics, massive online play, HD or even a hard drive. This is all the stats of last generation hardware. They didnt even try to make a better system. All the did was take a gamecube and change the look and stuck a wiimote on it. The wii has only sold so much because its cheap but now ps3 and 360 are cheap as well. Maybe not as cheap but they have managed to outsell the wii on a few occasions.

What games doesn the wii promise for 2008? Brawl? thats it. There have bee no ther known franchises for the wii to be announced so far while ps3 and wii have dozens of AA games for 2008.

So how is ps3 or 360 overtaking wii an unlikley scenario? If you pay attention when halo came out the 360 passed wii in global sales for about a month so that blows that statement out the window.

The wii simply cannot win. Their hardware is too weak, there are not many games for it that get people exited, the console cannot be taken seriouly with childish games and its clear that people will stop buying it so much when brawl stops selling because thats the only game thats really going for it. People only buy it for the bargain but now there are better deals now because ps3 and 360 are both much better deals for your buck.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4039d ago

Poor outspoken... His "next-gen" systems are being outsold by a so called "last-gen" one so he trys to make up things saying it won't outsell them anymore in the future to make him feel better... : (

Slayer OP4039d ago

I take it that you have no counter to my argument. Better yet i bet you didnt read my argument so doont resort to such a childish verbal assault.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4039d ago

Wait that was an argument? I could have sworn that was just another mindless anti-Wii flame post that's oh so common here.

ChickeyCantor4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

" Why dont you look at the stats? The wii has no graphics, massive online play, HD or even a hard drive. This is all the stats of last generation hardware."

And yet its selling like crazy XD
dude like i said in my other comment: Casuals outnumber core gamers and they do not think as you.

" The wii simply cannot win. Their hardware is too weak, "
....GB>gamegear. DS>PSP SNES>SEGA(genesis?) PS1>N64 Ps2>GCN/xbox....see the connection? well then....uhm yeah.

Slayer OP4038d ago

Well i see that you only replied to a portion of my post so I suppose its better then som of the other replies i got of of fanboy anger...

Like i said before they can outnumber all they like but they dont have loyalty of hardcore gamers so therefore they buy less games. Refer to my past posts about why the wii sells so much right now because im sick of repeating myself.

I can only make the connection due your understanding the fanboy views but ps1 and ps2 have higer specs then n64 and gamecube respectively so that kills that argument.

@ 4.2
No thats just what you turned it into with your pointless comments.

ChickeyCantor4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Ps1 has higher specs then the n64?
PS2 has higher specs then the GCN?

i suggest you google around and do your homework because you are way off =/

you clearly dont have an idea what your talking about, really do some research.

you speak of a fanboy language

Slayer OP4038d ago

You are clearly a delusional fanboy if you believe what you just said. Ps1 and ps2 were both much better then n64 and gamecube. They were both graphics powerhouses for their time which is why they were both worth more. They had the better specs.

ShadoWulf4038d ago

Way to waste bubbles without actually presenting NUMBERS. I looked it up, but I don't really understand all that I see. The PS2 has over twice the polys-per-second of the gamecube, but appears to operate at a slower speed... overall it would have been helpful to actually research and present evidence instead of both insisting you were right by trust alone.

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wiizy4039d ago

that garbage ps3.. too bad for sony fanboys that think somehow sony is going to win 2008... here is a coupon, get yourselves some onions so you can practice crying... wii will own 2008

rofldings4039d ago

In sales to grandma and grandpa? Yes.

But you still have no games to play. Besides those generic "rescue the princess games" that get rehashed every few years. ;)

ChickeyCantor4039d ago


are you ignoring the fact that that untill the SNES the n64 and GCN and Wii only had one mario platform game? or zelda only had one per console( after the nes, and GB had 3 where 2 were made by capcom)
And then if you consider how many GTA games Ps2 got, how many FF series whent on one system, im not sure if you even understand the word " rehash ".

And by saying " rescue the princess games " how many times did you saved the world in games?....yeah thought so.

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