Pitched and ditched - Anecdotes about games that could have been

The process of pitching games can be a lengthy process full of pitfalls, and not even the best and brightest of developers are guaranteed to have their ideas approved. As a companion piece to GameSpot's in-depth look at the pitching process, here are a handful of anecdotes about games that could have been.

Will Wright, designer of SimCity, Spore:

"I've always been fascinated with airships, and I wanted to do a game about the Hindenburg. And it was originally conceived as a cross between Myst and a flight simulator, if you can imagine that. You basically wake up on the Hindenburg. You're all alone. It's flying toward Lakehurst, New Jersey. You can walk anywhere on the ship. You can turn lights on and off. You can steer. You can adjust the engines. But every time you come into Lakehurst, it blows up. And you have to figure out why, and it becomes like this weird mystery flight simulator thing. I'd still love to do that."

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Im glad they "ditched" it