Mass Effect 3 Eurogamer Review

EG: "Drawing inspiration from across the gaming spectrum, BioWare brings its sci-fi saga to a rousing and emotional conclusion, delivering 2012's first must-play game in the process."

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majiebeast3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Love how this game gets a 10 even though the animations look like something from a ps2 game hope eurogamer is enjoying that EA cheque. Lets not even talk about the day 1 dlc bullshit. This franchise was good as a real rpg now its just average TPS. dat animations.

shoddy3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I play ME2 on pc at 1080p and i got blown away. That when I realize what the PC fanboy were bragging about.
I'll get this on ps3 for trophies.
At level 11.

i like console cause it boot up faster and my PC only play at medium.

EVILDEAD3603561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

WOW..perfect score on Eurogamer..that's big

LOL @ the haters already so ticked that they are still mumbling about the DLC.

Finally get to finish what my Shep started on the 360 years ago.

Salutes this incredible franchise and great to see it getting the criticial praise that it deserves.


Simon_Brezhnev3561d ago

I have to agree with you the animations are shit and im playing it on PC. They run so damn funny.

Kingdom Come3561d ago

The only thing I find amusing is how Eurogamer claim Mass Effect 3 to essentially be a perfect game regardless of it's multiplayer being a buggy, laggy mess (In which they also label as perfect). They hardly touch upon the execution of the multiplayer, just the concept of it. I simply can't wait for Mass Effect 3, having been playing the franchise since the release date of the original, but rarely do we see reviewers be as critical as they should be regarding the entire package.

rdgneoz33561d ago

When games get hyped to the extreme, many reviewers skip over the faults and just go with the flow. That or they do the opposite for hits and do a low score.

Aloren3561d ago

Never had any problem in multiplayer, whether it was on 360 or PC (well, once).

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WitWolfy3561d ago

I oughta bitch slap you for claiming Uncharted 3 was a "paid review". How dare you sir!