Hollywood & Games: Sony Pictures' Landau Talks Convergence

Gamasutra, December 27 2007, by John Gaudiosi:

Yair Landau is President of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment (SPDE), an operating unit of Sony Pictures Entertainment, which he formed in 1999 to bring together Sony Pictures' digital artists, technologists and production software engineers to create exceptional digital entertainment for audiences around the world.

SPDE consists of Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Online Entertainment. The division produces stories, characters, images and games conceived, created and rendered digitally. Landau talked about his company and the convergence of Hollywood and games in this exclusive interview conducted earlier this year.

Landau answered these questions:

• How has he seen new game console introductions impact Hollywood's involvement with games?

• How has he seen Hollywood influence games?

• What about games impacting Hollywood?

• Why did the Super Mario Bros. movie fail?

• Why does he think Lara Croft was able to have some success?

• What are the difficulties of bringing a game to life?

• What has the video game industry learned from Hollywood?

• How have video game marketers mirrored Hollywood?

• What are his thoughts on Hollywood actors migrating to games?

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