Video gamers complain of pain called "Wiitis"

Amsterdam, New York, 12/27/2007 -- It was one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season and it's still sold out at many stores.

But for those who were lucky enough to survive Wii-mania many are now finding themselves dealing with wii-pain-ia.

So many players have come down with Wii-related injuries the New England Journal of Medicine has a name for it, wiitis.

[ The full story includes a link to a TV news video clip. ]

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gta_cb4041d ago

lol, i managed to get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, im not complaining although i did buy an extra controller which was faulty :(

BrianC62344041d ago

Another good reason to not buy a Wii. First it has crappy games. Now it will injure you. Since you can't find them anywhere why not buy a real gaming console, like the PS3?

ChickeyCantor4041d ago

Even using a normal gamepad can injure you, fool

gta_cb4040d ago

dont worry my friend i dont need convincing i own all three :) although i havnt got my Nintendo Wii online i have got my Xbox 360 and PS3 online if you want to add/check im not a liar check my profile :)

ChickeyCantor4041d ago

"Wii-related injuries"

how come when i play MEtroid for ours my arms wont hurt a bit =/.

" Isakson spent hours in front of his Wii on Christmas morning playing everything from bowling to baseball.

When he woke up on Wednesday he says he was still feeling the burn.

yeah well [email protected], read the instruction booklet it says take a break after each hour.

ChickeyCantor4041d ago

People actually disagree AHHAAH LOL guess you guys never seen the WARNING booklet that comes with any gaming console.

bozemanriverrat4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I went to the gym yesterday and used the barbells to do bench presses and curls, and I woke up this morning and my arms hurt! This just proves that free weights are so LAST GEN!!! It is old technology that only casual gym rats use. The Total Gym is a TRUE next gen workout for hardcore workout freaks. It will definitely win this generation of gym equipment!!!!


kalistyles4041d ago

I got bursitis in the elbow from Wii Bowling. My elbow blew up like the size of a baseball. I had to go to the doctor and get some anti inflamatory for it to go down. It hurt like hell. That Wii can be dangerous.

lynx1halo4041d ago

its a real serious injury that Wii owners should be aware of...

Salvadore4041d ago

Are all these injuries related to over-exaggerated moves?

BrianC62344041d ago

I'd say a lot of the injuries are due to people not being in shape. I guess kids will have to go to the gym before they're allowed to get a Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.