Want a Wii? Sell a Picture of it

This definitely falls under the heading, "why didn't I think of that?" Or perhaps a better heading would be, "that's so stupid it just might work!"

Christine and Justin are two NYC illustrators and run a web site called Wants For Sale. On this site they sell paintings of things they want for the exact retail price of the item. Once they sell their painting of the item they then use the proceeds to buy it. The things they want range from an order of buffalo wings ($12.70) to "financial security" (for one million dollars!).

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TANOD4037d ago

I should get a PS2 rather than a wii --a JOKE CONSOLE

Atleast PS3 and X360 have next gen GAMES with NEXT GEN gameplay and graphics

NO SANE PERSON COULD get a wii over PS3 and X360

Wiitard4037d ago

If I could take away more bubbles from you, I would. Tool.

Maddens Raiders4037d ago

America is *still home to some of the best innovators on earth.

Wiitard4037d ago

The sad thing is that people will pay them money. I've bought some original art in my life, but I don't think i could buy original art of a product.

wiizy4037d ago

i doubt its that easy.. then again wii is just unstoppable

wiizy4037d ago

only a clown like you would pick a ps3 or xbox over the wii simply cause you can see game characters face up close.. wii is the only system that offers innovation and games in every genre... a couple that can actually improve your sense, so you dont sound silly next time

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