Sorted by Release: Dec. 2007 - Ninja Gaiden 2 in April, Two Worlds PS3 in Sept.

While not always 100% accurate, retailer release lists often contain gems of information on game delays or unannounced releases. As the premiere videogame specialty retailer in the United States, keeping an eye on their release lists is at least worth the giggles.

Obtaining GameStop retail release lists doesn't require top-secret espionage tactics. As reserves are one of the companies key indicators of performance, employees are more than happy to waste reams of paper on providing customers with lists of upcoming releases.

Destructoid introducing their new monthly feature, "Sorted by Release," where they take a monthly look at any changes or oddities on GameStop's retail release list.

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solar4045d ago

Feb. 5th. the day MK_RED has been waiting for. My Horse and Me will hit the shelves and he will be first in line to gobble up his copy and ride off into the sunset like Brad on that great teen western sitcom on Nikelodeon "Hey Dude".

TANOD4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

we dont want Two worlds ----thats the worst game of this century

IT got 1/10 and 2/10 from many gaming websites. Keep that please

Kleptic4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

oh man...Hey Dude was awesome...Ted is still the coolest asshole ever to grace a television program...and who could forget Mr. Ernst (get it?)...that show gave new meaning to the word "predictable"...

although i was partial to Salute Your was a terrible tragedy though that Budnik got his step child mullet head slammed off of an arcade machine by the T-1000 in a big budget movie of that time period...he was never the same afterwards...

solar4045d ago

ya Kleptic SyS was awesome. i work with a kid i need to start calling Donkey Lips :P

Skerj4045d ago

LMAO I got Hey Dude! AND Salute Your Shorts tshirts, also every ep of the latter on my PS3 (yay divx). Bubbles for you all!! Oh yeah, they should keep Two Worlds.

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resistance1004045d ago

'And what's up with Singstar not shipping until May 5? Come on, Sony -- we want to sing along to high-definition Britney Spears videos.'

Nice, so considering this game has been out in europe for a good 3/4 weeks now, does that mean america is actually getting shafted compared with europe for a change ^_^

God of Gaming4045d ago

Coming from someone who has played Two Worlds on the 360... PS3 Owners should start a campaign to keep this game off your system. It is sooo bad. Seriously somehow end this port and spare yourselves of this horrible game.

JOLLY14045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I figured that ps3 had a bigger line-up next year. I guess I was wrong.

How the crap did I get disagrees, let alone 4 of them?

Clinton5144045d ago

A weak title ported months after with chances of it being vastly inferior. Who do they expect to buy Two Worlds on the PS3?

Savior X4045d ago

yup, crappy pc game even crappier on 360 and ultimate crap on the ps3!!!!!!!!!! i think they hate all gamers by send the pain to a 3rd system!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.