Where are they now? - Big games that went under the radar

Stop shovelling a year's worth of food and booze down your gob! It's time to spare a thought for big games that, for one reason or another, we've not heard anything on for many moons.

There are several major games that have dropped off the radar in recent months - no doubt due to the fact that 2007 has seen so many big releases. In this article CVG pick out their ten that they are itching to find out more on.

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KidMakeshift4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Isn't the Getaway team working on HOME?

Rockstar said L.A. Noir isn't coming out till 2009.

They should of mentioned "Harker"
It's been 2 years now with no new information

Elveon, Theseus, WarDevil, 5th Phantom Saga, Eyedentify
All kinda disappeared

Devr4041d ago

They forgot one: Eight Days. I bet it's canceled, though.

Bleucrunch4041d ago

LA Noire delayed I didnt hear anything about that. The Getaway oooo man that was a great game and I dont know what harker is but I will definitely look into it.

KidMakeshift4041d ago

I like the look of The Getaway games but the gameplay was pretty bad. Harker is by the people working on Silent Hill 5, and looks like it's in the same vain as their Xbox 1 game "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer," but more adult oriented.

Charlie26884041d ago

Two games that COMPLETELY disappeared of the face of the earth were that Gundam 360 game (Mobile Ops: The One Year War) that was announced alongside the PS3 LAUNCH Gundam game (Crossfire) (so yeah its THAT old) and that other mech game for the 360 the one we had like 1 video that looked really cool and NOTHING else was EVER mentioned again


MK_Red4041d ago

I think Duke Nukem Forever should be removed from the list since it had a sweet teaser trailer shown recently.
Also, I'd add Heavy Rain, 8 Days, Elveon, Alien RPG, Afrika and a few more.

GlossGreen4041d ago

they show a little gameplay footage or something more substantial than a teaser, it most definitely belongs on this list. Look at the original teaser for Killzone 2. It was fake. How can we believe this?

MK_Red4041d ago

The list is about the games that we haven't heard or seen a thing from them in months. There are other games that we only have a short teaser of like Deus Ex 3 and such but they don't belong here because they had that teaser, short or long, real or fake, they HAD something to show.
The games on that list are totally under the radar ones with nothing at all. We haven't had anything on Alan Wake, Dragon Age, Banjoo and others in a long time not even a short teaser or something.

Also, I believe they should have mentioned Warren Specter's (Deus Ex) superb secret / dream project.

Vespertine4041d ago

I agree, Elveon should have been included on the list.

I'm looking forward to more info on Alan Wake mostly.

GlossGreen4041d ago

is still vaporware. I'll believe it when I see it. A teaser for a company party with NO game footage is joke and can't be taken seriously.

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