CVG: 2008's Essential PS3 Games

It's been a tough 2007 for Sony and PS3, with the majority of the year seeing the console take the place of the underdog, in a three-way race dominated by Wii. That said, in November PS3 finally outsold Wii in Japan, and following a number of attempts with the SKU Sony finally appears to have hit the right note with the 40GB model. Since its launch, sales have shown a significant increase.

There's now rumblings that 2008 is the year PS3 will start to throw its weight around. Home will launch, and major titles including MGS4, Killzone 2 and Gran Turismo 5 will - hopefully - offer 200-percent proof that the console is a force to be reckoned with.

As CVG's PS3s tremble in excited anticipation, they have looked ahead into the next 12 months and picked out the game's you'll want to hound like a love-sick puppy...

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vloeistof4038d ago

funny little big planet avatar.

many games to

Spike474038d ago

humans have managed to lower the bar with intelligence with fanboys.

While I doubt that this will ever lead to a cure for cancer or AIDs or being bored, it definetly pisses people off.

It's amazing how immature 360 fanboys have turned. PS3 fanboys too, but not as much.

for example: some xbot said that splinter cell has been and will be better than mgs4.

Now obviously that is completly stupid and incorrect. Splnter Cell is like dust compared to mgs4.

Do u see ps3 fanboys begging for splinter cell on ps3? NO. Do u see 360 fanboys beg for mgs4 on the 360? YEs.

And mgs4 will never go to the 360, if it does expect it between 2009 and 2010.

By that time mgs4 on the 360 will be a bare bones version because mgs4 is built on ps3 hardware.

And by that time ps3 fans will be playing GOw3.

Now, have u noticed that Alan wake, fallout 3, bioshock, warhound, and mostly half of the 360's 2008 lineup of games are also on PC.

Like my freind said, if u own a pc, you own a 360 with better features.

Besides, most of those devs have either stated that a version of the game will go to the ps3 or that it is possible. Ex. age of conan.

WilliamRLBaker4037d ago

you totally ruined your entire statement when you said sonyfanboys not as much as 360 fanboys...yes because we all know sonyfanboys show less stupidity right?

Lets see what did the sonyfanboys whine about for the past year or so? Gears of war and why? because they wanted it on their system, they want halo 3, they want Mass effect...ect

SOnyfanboys know in 2006, and 2007 they never had a singleworthwhile game which is backed up by low scores and low sales, In 2008? the games they say will be so amazing will be delayed again;)

lonestarmt4037d ago

so you see sony fans really don't care about splinter cell? haha they already have the best stealth game on the market.

Spike474038d ago

I'm gonna say something to ps3 fanboys.

Don't get you're hopes up to high for killzone 2.

I'm serious.

Have we seen anything besides those graphis that beat any game in graphics out now?

Have we seen any news of unique features.

Call me a fanboy, but I just don't want to be another fanboy who hopes so much for a game that all that is running for it is graphics.

if I see something better or some unique stuff, then I'll change my mind.

Anything but Cute4038d ago

But I am gonna get my hopes up. Game looks sick.

If it doesn't deliver I'll be devistated. Sony is investing a lot into that game.

Meus Renaissance4038d ago

Correction. We've seen very little of the game, and every little atom we've seen of it gets everyone's attention.

vloeistof4038d ago

they listed ff xiii whoa . ( dont think it will hit out side japan in 2008 )

jackdoe4038d ago

I agree. Takes at least three months or more to localize something of that magnitude.

MK_Red4038d ago

Fallout 3 = THE Essential game for PS3, 360 and PC.

No Tekken 5, Soul Calibur 4 or Street Fighter 4!? :(
Also, it's possible for games like Resistance 2 or next-gen Jak & Daxter to arrive in late 2008.

Hapimeses4038d ago

I have to agree that Fallout is one of the games I'm most looking forward to; that said, I'm not sure it will be my sole must-have of 2008 as there are a whole load of really great looking games coming up, and some are still only showing the peak of their iceberg-like potential -- such as Little Big Planet.

We'll all know soon enough, huh?

lonestarmt4038d ago

dang you Mk-red! you always say something that I always have give you an agree on!! Tekken is my favorite fighting game series!!

MK_Red4037d ago

Fallout 3 may not become the classic Fallout 1 and 2 were and might end up pretty shallow compared to them but still, it's Fallout 3, sequel to the greates western RPGs of all time. I just really really hope it's not as simplified and watered down as Oblivion. In the end, it may become something like Deus Ex 2. A great game but nothing compared to the legendary original.
But we can always hope and if Bethesda manages to revive just 1 percent of original Fallout's magic and perfection, Fallout 3 WILL become the best RPG of this gen. I'm still waiting for a turn-besed isometric with deep dialogue trees and classic Fallout gameplay and feel but Bethesda has promised to do it's best for Fallout 3. Hope they use their Daggerfall and Morrowind talents rather than taking the path of Oblivion.

Thanks lonestarmt :) My fave fighting game is MK but I love fighters in general.

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