Halo Wars Dev: "I think we've got magic in the disc"

In a recent interview about the progress of Halo Wars - the real-time strategy game based on Bungie's Halo universe and developed by Ensemble Studios - Graeme Devine, the lead designer on the game, said people just can't stop playing it. When asked why he thinks Halo Wars will be one of the biggest games of 2008, Devine said:

"I think we've got magic in the disc. We've worked on the controls, gameplay, and story for this game being very much aware of what has gone before us. I was down in playtest yesterday and actually did not get to sit down and play because folks were spending their lunches playing the game. I know we're doing well when that happens. More than that, I believe we will be huge not just because I believe, but because when we put the controller in your hands, you will believe too."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4044d ago

Way to milk out fans b!tches!

X_GAMER_X4044d ago

U mean like the way square enix milked ppl for more then ten years?
FF..dos it bring any bells?

dhammalama4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

I'll get it just because it's halo. Halo : Combat Evolved was magic for me. The sequels were good, and I'll definitely pick this up just because it's in the halo universe. The more they hype it the more pumped I'll be to get it. Hopefully it's not a let-down.

Edit -my idea of hype might be skewed though as I'm living in taiwan. I've never even seen the master chief on a can of mountain dew.

Bladestar4044d ago

hehe... at least Microsoft know their b!tches... they know how to milk us.... how? by giving us games that get great reviews and are actually earn game of the year awards.... Sony also know you "fans b!tches!"... they milk you by giving by giving you pre-render movies, announce and hype their games 2-3 years before their release and continue to delay them right on your face... just to milk you(make you buy a PS3)...

Milk away microsoft.. milk away...

dhammalama4044d ago Show
BloodySinner4044d ago

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AuburnTiger4044d ago

"hehe... at least Microsoft know their b!tches... they know how to milk us"

Kaneda4043d ago

The Halo hype is starting again...

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Capt CHAOS4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

But I might be busy catching up on 2007 games by the time this games out..

Edit: But maybe these guys are talking about magic but maybe the wrong type. Perhaps the only magic they've encountered is the mushroom variety?

Zhuk4044d ago

This is going to be another classic title on Xbox 360

With Halo Wars Only on Xbox 360 and many other AAA titles coming in 2008, PS3 doesnt stand a chance.

Jump In

CRIMS0N_W0LF4044d ago

Oh snap where is my mouse!

shrimpboat4044d ago

Ok and how many more exclusives does the PS3 have in 08. You are delusional mister. Not to pick on other Xbox fans, you guys rock, but Zhuk is an idiot. I think this game will be great but Zhuk just messes it up for everybody by making dumb Fanboy comments like that.

Lord Cheese4044d ago

to be honest i think zhuk is some kind of M$ created ad-bot. God forbid he talks like that in real life...

Zhuk4044d ago

all these jealous fandroids make me laugh, jealous about the supreme power of the Xbox 360 and its superior AAA lineup for 2008, while their precious PS3 will go the way of the Gamecube/Jaguar/(insert garbage here) as all their 'big' titles (aka garbage like Killzone) will be pushed back to 2009 at least because of Sony's poor design decisions increasing development costs and times.

Halo Wars = guaranteed AAA title that is guaranteed to sell over a million copies

You can't say the same for any of the PS3s games for 2007, which all bombed and flopped.

Lair, Unwanted, Heavenly Sword, Borehawk all these titles bombed critically and financially.

Sony can't make money on the console because they had to cut the price because no one wanted them, and nobody makes money on software because no one buys games.

It's easy to see why everyone is Jumping In and abandoning the PS3, MGS4 and FFXIII will be next

RacingX4044d ago

Once again N4G's unofficial M$ PR agent has reared his biased head again, dude you're worse than Mart, are you 10yrs old or are you really hoping M$ takes notice of your BS and asks if you want to work for them? or do you already? BTW did you know Nintendo STILL sells gamecubes??? M$ hasn't sold an xbox1 since 2004, they abandoned it. Did you know the Wii has surpassed the 360 in sales in half the time? Noone has really announced anything for '08 so how can you say M$ will have the better lineup? Did you play Halo Wars already? you know for a fact its AAA? Are you privy to M$'s preorder numbers for the game? over 1M already is it? when has an RTS on a console sold huge? Listen, you really know nothing about the industry so zip it, post your comment on how you're looking forward to game x and move on, noone wants to listen to your PR BS.

candystop4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Come on use your head for once and quit just saying stuff! 360 has better development tools and getting better, a high attach rate, better looking games, the console of choice this gen, and had a year head start on game development! When they announced all the people jumping on board to develop for 360 a few years back do you think they all just dissapeared? With the added time to develop and the money to be made on 360 not pS3 or Wii how could you even tell yourself that the 360 will not have the biggest year? I'' speaking from a logical view and think you should as well! The games for 360 will start to roll out in 2008 and 2009 while the games for ps3 will start to roll out in 2009 to 2010. Everything right now from sony is rushed and forced so nothing feel very original! Zhuk made some good points even though you guys don't want to listen!

Edit below Racerx:
Look I Know Zuk is a tool zombie and we can go back in forth with our theories over which console is better all day, but in 2008 we will all win period. I don't like pop ins and will admit that both sides have had issues and thats fair. AS for everything I guess we will have to see in the future what happens.

RacingX4044d ago

I'm not making up stuff to disagree, look at the NPD's from '07, Nintendo still selling 'cubes, M$ ceased production on xbox1 in '04. You say everything from Sony is rushed and unoriginal? Yeah, Halo 3 is so VERY original....not. As much as I like Mass Effect, even my girlfriend can notice the texture pop-in and stuttering, that game was delayed since may '07 and still needed more work so how can you say M$ is better? I'm not saying the PS3 is better but put down the kool-aid cup you're not speaking from a logical view. WIth your so called " better dev tools and extra year of dev time" the 360 should be blowing the doors off everything, but yet COD4 looks completely identical on PS3, so according to your logic the PS3 version blows the 360 version away because there was less dev time and the tools are not as good. According to your logic the 360 would be losing momentum if in Jan '07 M$ claimed they sold 10M 360's, since they are at 15M now and the PS3 was at 1M in Jan '07 and at 8.5M now, they sold 7.5M pS3's in '07 to M$'s 5M. they cut 2.5M off M$'s total in a year with a higher priced console and supposedly "no games" ( which is BS ). CAll it what you what want, but Zhuk is nothing but M$ propaganda.

poopface14043d ago

looks okay but ninja gaiden 2 will blow all other games away. cant wait for that. I agree taht people are placing way too much credit in killzone 2. cmon the first one was piss poor mediacore. only PS3 game I really need to have is MGS4, loved all the previous ones. I have a huge suspicion that we will be seeing it on 360 simply because it is at least 2 million more sales in the us alone. Racing you bring up good points but do you know why Microsoft stopped making the original xbox? cause they couldent legaly continue to make it. They completley own the 360 componets. To say the 360 should be out performing the PS3 is probLY The opposite of what should be happening since the PS3 is "SUPERIOR hardware" that came out a year later. now its struggling to keep up.

ravinash4043d ago

I remember him going on about how he went to the stores and there were loads of boxes of PS3 still there....he forgot to meantion that he lives in Oz.

540damn4043d ago

this game will come to PC right? another reason for me not to get a 360. they seem like a pain in the ass.

RacingX4043d ago

Edit @ Candystop - AMEN BROTHER! you're right, as gamers we all win, it'll only force the big 3 to keep getting better and better to keep their fans. I'm a fan of all 3 so I guess I win Big!!

Edit @ poopface - You're right to a point, they did stop making xbox1 because of NVIDIA. They could have negotiated a short deal for it IF they wanted to but chose not to, I still think it could have been a viable system for another 2-3 yrs. Shame really, there were some great gaming moments there.

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personGR4044d ago

Tnis is called hyping..