Local Rumours Suggest Bathurst Circuit Scanned for GT

Some new rumours have been hitting the GTPlanet forums, as Polyphony Digital have been reported to be scanning another real-life track – the Mount Panorama Circuit at Bathurst, Australia.

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sinncross4220d ago

Nice, hopefully this pans out as true!

bunfighterii4220d ago

YES! Hopefully GT5 and not for GT6 (which we'll probably be waiting years for...)

I bet Polyphony finally gave Bathurst some attention after the news that Nissan would re-enter the Australian Supercars Championship.

Me-Time4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

"As far back as 2006, the Polyphony team have expressed interest in the historic circuit, with Kazunori remarking in an interview regarding GT:HD that “Bathurst is in our roadmap”. Sure enough, during this year’s Bathurst 12 Hour race in February, information began to surface of a Polyphony Digital presence at the circuit."

reaaaad carefully. What you said is probably true in that they were finally allowed to get a license for it. Nissan "invited" back, PD goes in for the kill. I'm only 50% confident that's probably what happened.

HurlingDervish4220d ago

The sooner the better!

but lets be real, it will probably be 6 months before we get the track.

PirateThom4220d ago

Sadly, yeah, if they're only photographing and doing base work now, it's going to be a while before we see it... but, at least they're listening to most requested tracks, like Spa and Bathurst.

n4gisatroll4220d ago

I'm not holding my breath on getting new tracks soon, or to be honest any dlc, but this would be awesome.

LordStig4220d ago



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SullysCigar215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Wow, crazy isn't it? The draw distance is vastly improved, the background textures too and there's ZERO shimmer now. And the replays are night and day!

EIDT: @below, Haha I didn't notice that!

IRetrouk215d ago

Yeah, theres a massive improvment all round, Looks amazing with the time of day transitions too, me and a couple online buddies jumped on earlier to try it out lol, did you notice the beach full of seals?

closed_account215d ago

That coastline looks amazing and I can only imagine it in VR! Looks like an entirely new course as far as scenery goes.

IRetrouk215d ago

Yeah, those views are going to be crazy when we are "there" can't wait!

PureBlood215d ago

Just got confirmation my PSVR2 is shipping by 24 hour courier, so I should have it tomorrow! I know nobody else cares, but I had to tell someone lol

GT7 will be my first game, as I want to test out my wheel - so excited - it's going to be awesome!

Deathdeliverer215d ago

I got my confirmation and date (22nd) showing for the charging station. The headset itself has been in “shipped-processing” status since last Friday. I’m like dang can I see the date? I was in the first round of preorders. Whenever it does get here, I’m ready. Going to go update everything and try to get over this cold.

PureBlood215d ago

Wish you better, bud, fingers crossed for your order too.

@S2Killinit - Thank you!

IRetrouk215d ago

I care👊🏻, mine is still saying prep for shipping😔

PureBlood215d ago

Thanks man 👊

Word of advice: be ready for the impromptu jig that happens when that email drops, it can be embarrassing..

DaReapa215d ago

Just got my second shipping confirmation email as well.

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S2Killinit215d ago

Man i caant wait. One day left!

Flawlessmic215d ago

I know you and a lot of people are excited for VR but dont sleep on sophy, sophy is the real game changer here!

After giving sophy a run last night, i can safely say the actual racing in future GT's is going to be Fu***** amazing!!!

even on intermediate on some tracks the AI was coming back at me on my waiting for me to slip, attacking the space if i left the door open for them, honestly felt like i was racing against people and not some very limited AI that once i passed them they may as well have been eliminated from the race like GT ai normally is.

pump it up to expert and its a real challenge to stay ahead, the next level up from expert man the AI kicked my ass, like badly.

i remember when sophy was first annouced all the nay sayers said its a pipe dream and we will never see it implemented and here we are a yr later and sophy is being tested in game for us to try out and is every good as whats been promised.

VR plus racing against sophy and wowww your not gonna feal like your actually racing for real anywhere else outside of gt.

sophy will change the game in gt8

S2Killinit215d ago

Hm I didnt realize it was like that. I didnt even know why there was so much hype about it. But thanknyou for explaining that. I mean I get it now.

But I’ll be seeing it in action tomorrow! Woot woot.

Flawlessmic215d ago

It's only for a limited time and only has 4 races but I encourage you and everyone else try it and see the difference compared to the normal Ai.

Sophy has slipped completely under the radar in this latest uodate

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Father__Merrin215d ago

Wow gt6 was awesome under appreciated because of time it came out

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