Xbox Goes for Japan Street Cred

After all its struggles in Japan, Microsoft isn't above making another big push to convert gamers here from Sony's PlayStation to Xbox.
At a media briefing Wednesday morning, Microsoft executives shared the stage with legendary game designers Toru Iwatani (Pac-ManFinal Fantasy), who talked up new games they were working on for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console.
The company also took the opportunity to make several other announcements. Most notably, it finally revealed that a peripheral allowing Xbox 360 to play HD-DVD movies will be released Nov. 17, at a cost of 19,800 yen. In addition, Microsoft said that a forthcoming firmware update for the Xbox 360 would allow it to display both movies and games in 1080p resolution.

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BadTaste5848d ago

Shut it you stupid prick.

BIadestarX5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

If this is a sign of desperation, then I hope they get more desperate. How it's this bad for me as a gamer? You should hope Sony gets a little bit more desperate and drop you a bone. Sony it's so confident you are not getting sh**, but CGI and pictures, more hardware downgrades, no information on online gaming, shortages, and bleeding exclusives. Now that’s LOL raise to the power of 2.

Say's you5848d ago

Knowing how retarded you are lets see MotorStorm is real time game play Mobile Suit Gundam is real time gameplay and GT5 real time and MGS4 is real time,so how can you say that all of them are CGI? when really there not you [Dumbass Retard?],I'mean really even that Japanese first person shooter made from Konami called Assaullted arms isn't even CGI and plus another exclusive has been lost to the Xbox Ninja Gaiden Sigma and the next will be Ninja Gaiden 2 so,I don't know what your bragging about when clearly MS is losing this battle badly! and really having a desperate time to do anything to win in Japan which in reality they can't!.