Street Fighter x Tekken Review []

GamingUnion: "When it comes to taking on other franchises, Capcom has it down - they've even got a franchise dedicated to it. But when they announced that they've be taking on Tekken, it turned a few heads. Tekken is a very successful fighting franchise in its own right, but it's of a very different ilk. But seeing how Capcom has managed to integrate the Tekken warriors so seamlessly into the realm of Capcom is rather impressive and it puts pressure on Namco to do the same in the return fixture."

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Lelldorianx2539d ago

Isn't Ryu from Tekken? That's his name, right?

Chuk52539d ago

No that's ken. Ken is his name. But yeah, he's a tekken dude. Don't know who everyone else is.

TopDudeMan2539d ago

I assume PS3 would be the version to get? For obvious reasons...