PlayStation Store Preview 2.0 – March 6th, 2012: Massive Effect

Mass Effect 3 hits the PlayStation Store, as well as a slew of new PlayStation Vita titles. - PSLS

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decimalator3329d ago

i love me some motorstorm

NewMonday3329d ago

only in NA

PS: ill make it a bit of a personal mission to promot the best game on Vita, and one of the best platform games ever..

Rayman Origins

Solid_Snake373329d ago

is anyone having a problem with bf3 after the maintenance? Im stuck in the main menu with loading after i try pressing multiplayer??

Solid_Snake373329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

wow aaand psn is down again... -_-

Solid_Snake373329d ago

oh wait it looks like its up for now

NewMonday3329d ago

used the down time to get back into some single player games, i'm hopelessly addicted to BF3.

zeddy3329d ago

give me journey already ffs!

Myst3329d ago

Not a single demo will be downloaded due to this week :p Well maybe Motorstorm for Vita...

IRetrouk3329d ago

i bought the game on vita, you get the ps3 version too, less than a fiver, good deal to me.
although they are giving the vita version away for free, you still have to pay for the ps3 version.

Myst3329d ago

Ah that I did not know thank you for clearing that up.

insertcoin3329d ago

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer!

hardandsloppy3329d ago

I always lick to call Mass Effect, Mass Erect because Miranda's booty was too fine

EmperorDalek3329d ago

The first Sly cooper is free for PS+ members (link in the comments).

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