EA Gothenburg Now Open, Working On A New Game

EA announced today that a new studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden is now open and they are developing a brand new game.

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gtxgamer22539d ago

Anothr FPS? lol. They did say they wanted to Dominate the FPS market.

TrendyGamers2539d ago

More than likely. They'll probably announce what it is at GDC.

gtxgamer22539d ago

Nah to early, they JUST opened up the company. No announcements coming soon. Probably Next-Gen

DaveMan2539d ago

Personally, I care less if it's a fps. A new studio means more potential games that we would have had without that studio.

Also, who knows the first few games might be indeed generic fps, but eventually maybe they would get to become like Visceral in that they can make a horror game, or be like Dice in making a game like Mirrors Edge.

I see it as potential regardless.