New Star Ocean IV promotional video

In order to celebrate the release of Star Ocean: First Departure for the PSP, Square Enix have released a new promotional video of Star Ocean IV in their members area. A link to download the file in flash format is now available.

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narindp4039d ago

i hope this is a ps3 exclusive because i don't really want to buy another downgraded crapy multi platform game

Zhuk4039d ago

This is going to be a great title on Xbox 360

Lucreto4039d ago

It will but sell better on the PS3 Eternal Sonata will prove that. JRPG=PS3

ruibing4039d ago

Do you guys even like JRPGs? If you do, all of you must have a PS2. And if you don't, it is a bit too childish trying to horde them to the 360 simply because you don't want them on the PS3.

PirateThom4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

The sales of Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata should prove 360 isn't the place for JRPGs, which is why, at some point, the big Japanese RPG developers may very likely to abandon it entirely and focus on PS3 and Wii.

Bladestar4039d ago

lol... the same can be said about every PS3 game then... since the xbox 360 version of shooters sells 2-4 times more copies on the xbox 360 due to installbase... the games you mentioned did very well during their launch.. and some are yet to be released in other regions and you concider them failure eventhough they sold more copies than many PS3 games? of course you only going to mention the best selling PS3 games like Resistance... but what about other 3rd party games that are yet to sell 50K that sold very well in comparison on the xbox 360... should they abandon the PS3 and focus on the xbox 360 only? lol... right...

Zhuk4039d ago

Xbox 360 dominates software sales, even mediocre JRPG's (which is why they didn't sell millions, because Xbox 360 owners have taste) sell better than 90% of PS3 titles.

SO4 will sell more on Xbox 360 than PS3 easily, the gap will be even larger if it is critically acclaimed

Darkiewonder4039d ago

especially LO was touted to be THE JRPG and look how it turned out to be. ;3

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conjurdevil4039d ago

I thnk its going for ps3 exclusitivity....I could be wrong also...But in anyway its going to be awesome.Cant wait!

resistance1004039d ago

90% of its fanbase is in Japan, so i can only see it going PS3 for sure. However 360 might get is aswell, but square aren't really known for being multiplat. I suspect the last rement is only multiplat to test the waters

blikz4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I guess it's multiplatform...Or ps3 exclusive...whatever i have both console...

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The story is too old to be commented.