Extracurricular PAXtivities - Fun Stuff at PAX East 2012

Gamers Nexus: "Aside from the arduous journey to reach PAX East 2012, which undoubtedly involves innumerable treacheries, like airport bathrooms and excited TSA agents -- oh, and the preparation leading up to it (we've provided a guide, here) -- PAX East requires a level of nerd-dome that has previously been considered unobtainable. Nothing quite matches the festivities of PAX and PAX East, and with PAX East 2012 coming up, we've got just the thing to keep your interest piqued: PAXtivities. Or, by their street name, community-driven events. That sounds lame (and it has big words in it, like "community") - let's go with PAXtivities. Way cooler - and simpler for pirates to say."

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Lelldorianx2538d ago

I love PAX East. I've been spoiled by it: Everything's in one massive, awe-inspiring convention center. 70,000 gamers. One weekend.

I require additional PAX Easts.

Lionheart3772538d ago

I really want to go this year... and this makes it sound even more exciting.

CyberGrim2537d ago

I really need to scrape some money together and get myself to PAX one year...