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"Few games can drive you to the brink of insanity, tease you about your inability to perform the tasks asked of you, mock your failures on every screen, and then still be truly entertaining, enjoyable and addictive. It seems though that Fun Bits Interactive’s first game, Escape Plan, has managed to fit right into that aforementioned space."

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Rob9462544d ago

Good review. Game looks pretty fun, will probably be my next purchase on the Vita.

izumo_lee2544d ago

People 'complain' about the controls for this game. Yes it gets some getting use to but once you get a hang of it, the game is great. Very short but highly addictive. Music is great & the humor in the game is cleverly done.

Vitalogy2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Both touch screen and touch pad are too much unresponsive most of the times which makes you lose time and even worst, you touch it nothing happens still it counts as one touch -_-' also, most of the levels are glitched, meaning some levels I have less time and less taps on the screen as a friend of mine but still he has 3 stars on those levels and I have only 2 and this really annoys me :\

izumo_lee2544d ago

I do agree to an extent, the floating levels can be frustrating at times but for me personally it did not make me enjoy the game less. For some who are trying to earn trophies can feel frustrated but I am no trophy enthusiast so getting 3 stars is not really important.

If the dev gets another chance to make another game (which is hinted if you have finished the game) the controls may be improved.

ps* That last level i can agree is murder & a pain in the @$$!!!