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Panzers, Wine Coolers, Tin Cans, tanks are called and nicknamed in countless ways. Most games today have tanks, in one form or another. Some games focus on mildly realistic tank battles, others use a simplified model, but a lot of games share a lot of the same lessons when it comes to tanks. A newcomer to the genre might think of a tank as a near indestructible entity. A giant among little men, which will level everything in its wake. Then comes the sudden realisation that you wasted all of your resources on tanks or other vehicles, and each loss costs you more than you gained. When we think about tanks, as individual vehicles or as entire divisions we contrast tactical and strategic decisions. In this article Altergamer focuses on the tactical aspects of using tanks, with a number of different examples from games.

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Lelldorianx2539d ago

Definitely an interesting approach to gaming. Pffft, realism. IRL is so overrated :P

WriterX2539d ago

True, but a tiny bit of realism never hurts! At least some pseudo-realism!

vgcgames2539d ago

I'm a fan of realism -But not too much, this sounds interesting though.

Fanatyk2539d ago

Well, personally I am often after pure realism in games. But that's why I am a fan of (proper) flight simulators, richard burns rally and Live for Speed. The problem is that "so-called" realistic physics in new games is getting further and further from actual realism. Devs are giving us fancy graphics, and easy-to-achieve fun. Live for Speed will never be as fancy as Need for Speed, because it is all about realism, when you try it you will see for yourself. I promise you won't be able to negotiate the first turn on the demo track - wanna bet? ;-)