Advance Look at PS3 Blu-ray Profile 1.1 and Resident Evil: Extinction

DailyGame, 12/27/07 -- Jonas Allen, with Dan Bradley:

The next iteration of Blu-ray playback, Profile 1.1, is about to head into consumers' hands via a smattering of soon-to-release movies, but some groundwork for Blu-ray Profile 1.1 has already been laid, even if some consumers don't realize it. Last week's PlayStation 3 firmware upgrade included full support for Profile 1.1, a logical step for Sony to take with its PS3 considering Blu-ray is the company's own proprietary format. But while this may seem like little more than a preparatory move, Sony Pictures was kind enough to send along a pre-release version of Resident Evil: Extinction, which includes Blu-ray Profile 1.1 support, so DailyGame could get their hands on the features a little bit early.

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Bordel_19004045d ago

"Picture-in-picture technology has been around on HD-DVD, but Profile 1.1 is the first time owners of a Blu-ray player can get their hands on similar functionality."

I still don't get what the fuzz is about with this. Just give me a great movie with spectacular video and audio, keep the PiP, useless for me until proved otherwise.

Real Gambler4045d ago

In the thousands of movies I have watched, I may have used the director commentary twice. Wow do those guys have boring voices. Sure I was bored to death. Now with movie, clips, etc, I could see myself doing it 4 times out of one thousand movies? Unless I also get proven wrong.

titntin4045d ago

Whilst I'm not against people giving us new features, I've never seen why people enthused about them so much? Why on earth would you want your watching experience to be marred a pip box overlay, I'll never know.
I guess it's main relevance is to simply 'tick the features' box that people often use to compare technology...
I doubt I shall ever use it :)

Antiomo4045d ago

they want to make it a selling point.

What elese does hd-dvd really have .... price advantage for stand alone players and these extra features.

ENNO4045d ago

Glad to see Blu-Ray being where it shoukld be, and thats right beside HD DVD technology wise, I used to own a HD DVD add on and when I got rid of it and got a PS3 instead and I kinda missed the Picture In Picture....NOT ANYMORE :D

Bordel_19004045d ago

Why do you miss the PiP, how do you use it when watching movies? Or is it for something else, you watch 2 movies at once? hehe

shrimpboat4045d ago

I never used any of the extra features stuff in DVD's and im not sure if I will watch it on Blu-Ray. It's more for bragging rights in my opinion. I just want to watch the movie at the best quality on Blu-Ray.

ravinash4045d ago

On any of my DVD collection, I never bothered with using the special features. I don't see that changing with any of my BlueRay films.

PirateThom4045d ago

I'd rather they used this new technology to allow you to restore deleted scenes into their proper places in the films.

killer_trap4045d ago

nothing important, it's a really overrated feature. so i can watch the movie in one frame and watch the producer comment on it in the other!!! oohhh fowe

God of Gaming4045d ago

Well I think for certain "Types" of movies having 2 angles at the same time might be of some benefit. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.