From a Christian to Nintendo.

Escort Mission writes: Last week, we heard the baffling but somewhat unsurprising news that Nintendo was blocking The Binding of Isaac from release on the 3DS e-shop. The game’s creator, Edmund McMillen, cited “questionable religious content” for the embargo, which soon drew the ire of progressive irritants eager to tar the moral majority for, once again, ruining all their fun. The thing is, this situation has gutlessness written all over it, and Christians have just as much reason to roll their eyes at Nintendo as non-believers do.

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Titanz2540d ago

In Catholic schools. It gathered so much negative attention, that the mandate had to be retracted. It soured his status with the christian community, and could cost him a lot of votes, come election time.

I didn't mean to bring politics into this topic, I was just trying to make a point. Ever heard the saying, "What's good for the goose, isn't good for the gander?"

It would be great if Nintendo recanted their decision, by releasing TBOI on the 3DS's e-shop channel. Problem is - it would cause a media backlash, and they couldn't afford to take that chance now that the 3DS is finally being recognized by the mass media of consumers.

MultiConsoleGamer2540d ago

If I told you the real reason why this game was banned from the 3DS shop, you wouldn't believe me.

But everything that has been said so far, all the excuses given, are all only a small piece of the real truth.

matgrowcott2540d ago

At the end of the day, Nintendo didn't not publish Binding of Isaac on the 3DS because of "religion". They chose not to release it because it has the potential to offend, both in terms of items within the game and because of the content's handling of religion.

That's a world of difference. Everybody at Nintendo could be staunch atheists and absolutely love the game, but if it could offend 60% of the people who own a 3DS, it doesn't make any sense to bring it to the console.