Street Fighter X Tekken: From button masher to fighting phenom

By catering to the pick-up-and-play crowd as well as the hardcore players, and with a little help from a former (and future) rival, Capcom has created its most accessible and fun fighter to date.

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THR1LLHOUSE2542d ago

Is there any kind of plot-based explanation for why the Capcom and Tekken guys are fighting?

Or have Street Fighter and Tekken taken place within the same universe this whole time and they're just now realizing it?


Tito082542d ago

It's simply 2 franchises, is not a whole completely different universe like MVC, same thing with Capcom vs SNK.... The plot mainly talks about the Pandora's Box, & what can it do to humans, that's what unites both SF & Tekken

hazelamy2542d ago

when they say button masher, in Street Fighter's case it's true, early versions of the first one had the big padded buttons that could tell how hard you hit them.
you really had to mash them hard to get the strong attacks out.