Your first look at the Master Chief, featuring an exclusive new image

Xbox: Check out brand new screenshots from Halo 4, featuring the Master Chief and the Battle Rifle, and including an additional image exclusive to Halo Waypoint!

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Lelldorianx2540d ago

Looks like you'd expect: Green with big armor. And an orange visor... that bit's important.

peeps2540d ago

Oh, erm wow that exclusive extra screenshot was worth it...

This video actually has some gameplay footage. It looks nice and certainly a step up from Halo 3, but if anything it just shows how dated Halo 3 now looks. Shame there's no Reach to 4 comparisons.

aviator1892540d ago

I really didn't think they would overhaul the graphics by a whole lot, but wow, Corrinne Yu did it.
I can't wait to see the lighting in action.