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Trendy Gamers: With the recent unveiling of Little Big Planet Karting, it seems that this version of Modnation Racers might just be the last. On one hand, this is a good idea, as Road Trip is a disappointing iteration that falls prey to the horrendous load times seen in the PS3 version. Yet on the other hand, the racing is still pretty fun and being able to customize your own character, kart, and track is always a blast.

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ZeRoyalViking2541d ago

Harsh but these guys need to fix these damn load times lbp 1 and 2 both had terrible load screens

Pixel_Enemy2541d ago

LBP has literally nothing to do with this but ok.. The load times on MNR for Vita are horrific though. Also they need to patch in online play for real.

On a side note, I am really REALLY looking forward to Motorstorm RC.