Unit 13 Gets Day One Patch

With Unit 13 releasing on the PlayStation Vita tomorrow, one of the things you should be doing as soon as you pop that game card in is to download the day one patch.

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Dante1122542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

"The 8MB patch that you will be downloading for the PlayStation Vita will improve the co-op experience and polish the targeting transition."

So many games this gen had day 1 patches that at first glance, it had me thinking it was gonna be a huge patch lol.

JoGam2542d ago

OMG the game is going to suck now since theres a day one patch. Damn you Zipper! S/

Pixel_Enemy2541d ago

I can't wait. I am picking up my copy at midnight tonight! I loved the demo and I have a lot of friends who want to co op. I just wish it had a legit multiplayer mode. Not that every game needs multiplayer but the Vita is lacking a multiplayer shooter right now.

dc12541d ago

Cant wait to pick this up. Loved the Demo.
...Unfortunately, I have this little problem called ME3 and it will be owning me for the next two weeks.

With that said, ping me when you are ready for some Unit13 co-op and I will share my PSN ID.

- I should be able to put ME3 down for a few :)

Rageanitus2541d ago

I hope it fixes the crashing found in the demo

FriedGoat2541d ago

the demo is already fixed.

Rageanitus2541d ago

really nice... time to redownload it

ZombieStalker2541d ago

Loved the demo....will be picking it up tomorrow!