Star Ocean: First Departure released in Japan

Star Ocean: First Departure has been released for the Sony PSP in Japan and has been sent to retailers across the country. Square Enix still haven't released any information whatsoever regarding a North American/European release.

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Zhuk4774d ago

i'm looking forward to a western release of this title

malingenie4774d ago

You do know a PSP is a SONY product?
Maybe Santa was nice to you?

Zhuk4774d ago

PSP is my favourite handheld, I have owned one since the day it came out.

I use it to play all my PS1 RPGs on

Laexerias4773d ago

U even got good sides on you.
Nevermind. The Game is awesome. Got it right now. Bit hard to understand cause its Japanese but its easy to handle like crisis core etc.

Marceles4774d ago

Nice, let's see if PSP sales rise even more because of this release.

Luca Blight4774d ago

when does this come out in the US?

Bleucrunch4774d ago

OMG star ocean is an awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome franchise I cant wait for it to be released in the states and then cant wait for star ocean 4. OOOOOOO man square enix why do u tease me so.

WilliamRLBaker4773d ago

There is no american release date or UK square has no intention that any site knows of to release this game over here.