HD DVD vs Blu-ray war has a third combatant in the form of standard DVDs

It may be awhile yet before we know how the Christmas holiday season shaped the ongoing HD-DVD vs Blu-ray war for sure, but one thing is for certain in that standard definition DVDs still aren't going anywhere.

Reports from the groups behind the rival formats say that as of December 1st there were. 2.7 million Blu-ray devices (including PS3s) in the country, and 750,000 HD-DVD players. The more telling sign of trouble for HD-DVD may be the fact that Blu-ray discs are outselling them two-to-one currently.

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lynx1halo4041d ago

I personally say its going to be a good 2 or 3 more years until standard DVD's are phased out, and Blu-ray prices drop enough for the average consumer......CHEAPOS HOLDING BACK PROGRESS

eagle214041d ago

dvd will slowly be replaced by blu-ray.

Led Zeppelin4041d ago

The thing is, is that Blu-Ray and HD DVD aren't the same giant technological leap from DVD as DVD was from VHS. DVD was revolutionary to VHS, but Blu-ray and HDDVD aren't the same in terms of a technological leap.

I doubt standard def is going anywhere anytime soon...

ruiner44824041d ago

@The Zep.

I don't personally have an HDTV but I went to my Mother's house on Thanksgiving, we watched Spider-Man 3 on BR. It was only a 1080i tv but the difference was very significant. It being a 50' tv does alter things more as well. We watched From Hell, and it didn't look great at all.

Yes you can get an upscaling DVD player. I'm not sure if the ps3 has that built in or not, I don't have an HDTV. So I haven't really looked into it. To me there was a very noticeable difference from SD discs to HD discs. Just my humble opinion though.

Me I'd go with a good upconverting player to keep current titles on dvd and get new titles on BR.

vilmer4041d ago

Zepp, the difference from SD to HD is HUGE. It may not be as gigantic of a leap as VHS - DVD, but it's significant nonetheless.

wallace10004041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Speculation, replaced by blu-ray, hd dvd, or both. You do not know forsure which format will be dominant.
Your hopes and dreams are a personal matter :-P

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Fighter4041d ago

There are some good movies on DVD as low as $5 and people buy them like hotcakes.

Bubble Buddy4041d ago

i have all the movies i want for free. though i can't burn blu-rays yet...

Bladestar4041d ago

Once thing is certain... DVD aren't going to go away and HD formats will not win the format war during this console war...

Sulphur Man4041d ago

HD formats need to come near to price-matching SD to be make any significant progress. A decent upscaling DVD player can be had for £40 in the UK with thousands of cheap, quality films to watch on it.

Plus, no stuuuuupid distribution war on SD-DVD. Everything is available

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The story is too old to be commented.