Global Weekly Chart Week Ending 25th Feb 2012

The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales

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MySwordIsHeavenly2541d ago

Not sure why this is under "rumor", but whatever.

Uncharted at the top! Freakin' epic!!!

rezzah2541d ago

The reason behind the origin and the reputation of vgcharts.

I cannot personally tell you everything in detail, but I am sure someone on here can (I've seen it many times).

MySwordIsHeavenly2541d ago

Yes yes yes... I've been on here since 05. I know the "reputation" VGChartz has. But still. Under rumor? That's strange.

NewMonday2541d ago

and the fans gave a resounding verdict to SE and FF13-2, multi-platform and out for some time but barley 2m total.

just do an Apple, bring back Sakaguchi and sack Wada.

rezzah2541d ago

Then if you know that then why ask.

If no one verified their results to be absolute then it is going to remain under rumor.

Or if from time to time they put something noticeably wrong, then whatever they built up as a good site just goes down the drain.

2541d ago