The Hall of Shame 12.26.07: Top Ten Shameful Moments of 2007

What a year 2007 was. We've seen so many surprises from Mario and Sonic crossing over in not one but TWO games, NiGHTS making a comeback, Street Fighter finally reaching #4, Starcraft 2 announced, and companies actually releasing great games in the summer while pushing back some titles to not overcrowd the holiday market and give them the proper time to develop. But for every great moment in gaming, there was a shameful moment. Some moments will make you wonder if people can really be this stupid, while others might sadden you when you realize that some of them involve the deaths of others. The rest will probably piss you off because of where decided to number them or even put them on here in the first place. With that said, here are The Top Ten Shameful Moments of 2007.

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jlytle12344040d ago

no mention of a 30% failure rate.

WilliamRLBaker4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

looks like tanod/shmee/nasim have another account.

lol atleast microsoft didn't make an commercial about waking it to soccer, or instead of fixing lair *where as microsoft pumped 1 billion into fixing 360* they sent out a 21 page booklet telling reviwers they were playing the game wrong....instead of recalling the crap game called lair and fixing it.

jlytle12344040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

you read reviews and assume lair was broke becasue they say so. maybe they just suck at the game because it plays fine. and its just one game as opposed to the console. lair was "broken" based on opinion. the 360 is broken based on facts. And they pumped a billion into it after a long time of denial. And even still after that billion dollars for a 3 year warranty people were still getting back broken consoles or their consoles were breaking again. And i didnt say that those things werent mistakes made by sony. They did have pr issues for a while, but they have corrected their mistakes just like microsoft. the point i was making is how they managed to leave out something as huge as a 30% failure rate for a console. Or for that matter the wii projectile problem.
edit: and i am most definatley not nasim. I am aware of his reputation on this site, as well as i am aware of yours.