If video-game companies want 2008 success, they should look to 2007 failures

Usually I round up the worst video games of the year. But why should I bash "Transformers" and other lackluster titles at this point? Most bad games don't sell well, or they're already forgotten.

What's more important now, the slowest period of the year for new releases, is to look ahead at 2008 and to chronicle disappointing moments of 2007, in hopes that game makers will stop doing stupid stuff.

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wiizy4040d ago

if they want success they should follow nintendo's innovations and also know that they should create different games then everyone can be gamers.. thats what entertainment is all about.. haters.

Slayer OP4040d ago

Nintendo did nothing for 2007 that other gaming systems didnt do but better.

d3l33t4040d ago

" innovations " is plural my friend...

Salvadore4040d ago

I can play games like Eye of Judgement or Little Big Planet and receive more innovation.

Imallvol74040d ago

who ok'ed this article. This is dumb. And at the end he even mistakenly says the PS3 controller doesn't turn itsself off. He also forgot about "big title games" such as God of War 3, Final Fantasy's, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Halo Wars, Super Smash Broth Brawl, etc. etc. Just terrible!

numba1baller4040d ago

u say that the wii is for kids and u have a ps3 and want to play little big planet, thats a kids!!! game!!!! i thought u didnt like kids game but u want little big planet cause is on your cosole your fanboyism knows no bounds

Xanatos4040d ago

Nothing in the Wii even comes close to what LBP has to offer, so just open up your mind a bit the next time u type.

Bubble Buddy4040d ago

Nintendo makes innovation. Too bad they couldn't apply it to their games that aren't party games. cough Mario. Plus they have a lot of [email protected] games. Anubis 2, gingerbread Fck. Like the Angry Video Game Nerd will say when we will do Wii riviews.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4040d ago

Yup no hyped games for next year definitely, this guy is a dumbass. GTA4 isn't the only game coming out. And why the hell would you leave your controller on and leave ( ps3 controllers turn off by themselves now, someone said that before, I will trust them), my controller lasts me at least 2 days before i need to charge, but then again I'm not lazy like this tard.

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